Humboldt Storage & Moving is proud to announce the recipients of our September 2016 “Stress ReMover” Awards. Congratulations to Lance Peterson and Tim Lazdowsky!

As part of our commitment to our brand – “Relax and Get Moving” – Humboldt seeks to honor employees who go above and beyond to reduce the stress of their coworkers and customers. Winners are nominated by other employees and are voted on by a committee.

award-winner-lance-peterson-august-2016-with-sra-logo award-winner-tim-lazdowsky-august-2016-with-sra-logo

Lance’s Nomination: “I was in awe of how quickly and efficiently Lance worked and how well all of our items were wrapped and cared for. The team, led by Lance was simply great. I wasn’t sure what to expect leading up to the move, but whatever my expectations were, Lance exceeded them!”

Great reviews from our customers consistently come up with Lance on just about every shipment that I have worked with where he has been the team leader. From a personal standpoint, Lance is just one of those people who I know that when he is assigned to a job, he is going to instantly remove any stresses a customer may have. His easy going manner is infectious and when he arrives on a job and a customer is concerned about what is about to take place, it has been my experience that the second he and his team get to work, that apprehension goes away.

Tim’s Nomination: Tim has worked tirelessly to make sales life so much easier this Summer: Sales guidelines on our iPads – no more carrying around paper tariffs – incredibly helpful. Boston building report – this had never been a live document – was   always lagging & never 100% up to date – he figured out how to make it live & it is great. Shut off calendar with real time information and updates. Basically he figured out how to get everything I need on my iPad, which has greatly      reduced my stress!  Thanks Tim!

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