A question that is often asked is “How can I save money on a long distance move?” Moving companies are a labor intensive business; the more work they do for you the more they charge you.  So, when you are getting ready to move it is a great time to get rid of things you don’t need. If you do that you could cut the move by almost half. After you have the yard sale, and have gotten rid of unnecessary items and you are left with only items you want to move with you should get your moving estimate. Once you receive the moving estimate, if you want to save even more money what can you do? By packing your belongings yourself you can save money. You should leave the packing of breakable items such as china, dishes, etc. to the professionals. But, you can take on the responsibility of packing all of the non-breakable items such as toys, linens, plastics, garage equipment, etc. If you follow these tips you can save more money, making your move less stressful on you and your wallet.

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