New Englanders see everything from rain, to wind, to snow, to enormous tides and the damage to go along with these conditions. We have had everything from entire homes knocked off their foundations to trees going through countless homes so far this year.

When trees do invade your home, they can cause much more damage than just the house itself. That tree can cause substantial damage to what is in your home. And the same goes for water and fire. When your home experiences a flood or you have personal items dented, scratched or broken, the damages can add up very quickly.

There are moving companies that specialize in disasters and we are one of them right here in Boston. And we can tell you firsthand, that while you may be discouraged when you see your damaged furniture or other items there are solutions. And we have helped many families get their items to safety and back in better condition.

Living room
What Should You Do?

  • Contact Your Insurance Agent
    The first call you should make when you need furniture, heirlooms and any other sentimental possessions repaired or restored is your insurance agent. You may very well be covered so make the call first. Take plenty of photos of not only the damaged furniture but of what caused the damage.
  • Find a Furniture Restoration Company
    If you are looking for a furniture restoration company, you might be able to find one through your insurance company. Ask family and friends as well as your local chamber of commerce. Find a company that has experience in all kinds of damage including, water, fire, smoke and others. We have a relationship with a company called Mind’s Eye based just outside of Boston and they have an incredible amount of experience. In fact Jerome at Mind’s Eye trained as a furniture builder in France.
  • Get Items Out of the House
    Contact a moving and storage company that specializes in home disasters and get all the damaged items out of the house. Most likely, you’ll want to get those directly shipped to the company that will be conducting the restoration. But make sure the crews have experience in moving damaged items.

Your furniture and other items that hold a deep personal value can be saved if you follow the right path. Make the right calls, get the right help and get them out of the damaged property as soon as possible.

Are you ready for your next relaxing moving experience? If you’re moving soon, give our team a call today and let’s get started!