Planning a long distance move is an especially busy time wrought with hundreds of details, packing belongings and hauling heavy items. It can also be an expensive venture where costs can add up quickly. It is best to hire a reputable and professional moving company at this time but as with any consumer, you’ll want to find a few ways to reduce some expenses. This Boston moving company has years of experience transporting precious possessions during long distance moves and can work with you to find ways to cut your moving costs. Our experts have affordable and effective moving strategies to get you to your new location with less stress and more money in your pocket. Call Friends and Family: Yeah, we all did this in college and no one likes asking for help but friends and family can be invaluable during a long distance move. They can donate a little time to help pack, clean, organize or just watch the kids. Assistance from friends and family will expedite your move and save you money. Eliminate Items: Simply stated, moving is a labor intense business therefore, the less labor you require, the less it will cost. Although planning a long distance move requires a great deal of time, taking a few moments to go through all your goods can greatly reduce what you end up packing for moving day. With less to transport you will save a significant amount of money in your overall moving costs. Pack Yourself: Filling boxes with non-breakable items by yourself can save you up to $1,000. Packing linens, toys, garage equipment and plastics is something you can do easily while leaving items like china and family heirlooms to the experts. A long distance move is stressful and expensive however, partnering with a professional and reputable mover like Humboldt can help immensely. We can’t stress enough that using a professional moving company is vital when moving long distance. Check out Howard’s tips on how to save a few bucks on moving;

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