Properly planning for any large event makes things run smoothly and reduces stress; moving is no exception. Whether you are relocating down the street or across the country there are a multitude of details to consider along with packing your personal belongings. We know there are several moving companies in Boston but no one will give you the sound advice on moving with less stress than your friends here at Humboldt. Below are a few ideas to consider when mapping out what you need to accomplish before moving day: Make a checklist: Closing down your former home and starting up your new home requires managing details like shutting down utilities in one location and turning them on in another location. You need to consider forwarding mail and transferring cable, internet and phone services. A checklist can keep you on track with managing these details and ensuring things are up and running the day of your move. Make a packing goal: Packing is a disruptive process and many wait until the last minute to start boxing up belongings. Packing is a labor and time intensive procedure that takes more time than most realize therefore it is wise to start packing at least a month prior to moving day. Setting a reasonable goal of packing five boxes per day for 30 days can help keep you motivated while also keeping the experience manageable. Give movers details: Professional movers will make things much easier for you but they do require a little guidance. Providing them with information regarding tricky access to your house, having to navigate a long staircase or other unique information will help them prepare in advance making moving day less chaotic. Lay things out: Take time before moving day to figure out a floor plan in your new home. Either label where items should be placed or have someone guide movers to expedite getting your new home set up quickly. Hiring a reputable and experienced moving company. We like to think you’ll choose Humboldt of course, but make sure you choose the right one to get your move going in the right direction. Check out Howard’s advice in this short video below;

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