If you are moving and plan on packing your home up yourself, here are some tips to help you pack like a pro. Packing supplies: When packing heavier items use smaller boxes, such as book boxes. For bigger and lighter the objects use larger boxes. A dish pack box is a thicker box for dishes and vases, they are thicker to give extra protection for transit. The Wardrobe box is taller box with a bar across the top that you hang clothes on so they can keep their integrity during the move. When should you start packing?: Start packing as soon as you know you are moving. Get a jump start on items that you think you won’t need between that time and the move itself. Get things packed as safely and quickly as possible so that on move day you aren’t running around trying to protect your things. When packing: Use 3 strips of tape on the bottom and top of the box to ensure its safe. Use lots of paper when packing to help protect items and keep the integrity of the box. The paper keeps the box strong and sturdy which is good for loading up the truck. Labeling: Be sure to label each box with the room that you want the box to go into, instead of labeling it with the room you are packing out of. So when you get to your destination the box will go into the proper room. Wrapping items: There is newsprint paper, newspaper without the ink. Don’t use actual newspaper; the ink could transfer onto your belongings. With the newsprint, lay your items diagonally across it and wrap them up nicely to put into the box. Wrap everything that you pack, whether it’s glass, wood, plastic, if it’s wrapped you know it’s safe and the paper will help the box be sturdier. Once everything is packed: When you are ready for the movers to come in, should you tape the boxes or leave them open? Leave the box open if you aren’t sure about an item. They can take a look, make sure your item is safe, tape it up and load it on the truck. Packing yourself can be a difficult process. Be prepared for a lot of time. Take your time, do it right and you will be protecting yourself in the process. If you follow these tips you should have a stress free move. For more helpful tips on packing from Humboldt Storage and Moving watch this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_un9KvwjhIU

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