We are often asked about what to pack, what not to pack and items that need even extra packing. Many items revolve around technology. Those can include computers, video games, televisions and even personal technology. Let’s tackle the big items first; the TV. The best and most affordable way to move a flat screen TV is to use the original box. We do however offer a corrugated box if you don’t have the original. If you want the added protection, we recommend you have your moving company build a special crate for that flat screen TV. When we come to survey your home and get an idea of what your move will actually look like, we will recommend this if you’re nervous about the move. It can save you a lot of headache in the long run if you have us go back to our shop and build a crate for this. There are many Boston moving companies but none can match our in-house crating shop. When it comes to moving your personal computers, it might make sense for you to take these with you. If you’re driving in a car to your new home, this is obviously easy. But if you are moving across country, you may need the moving company to handle this. Again, we can build a crate for just about anything so make sure you tell your move consultant when they show up. Your I-pad, Kindle or other personal items are probably best suited to travel with you in some way. In fact, you may want them by your side for email, games or other entertainment while your travel. And depending on how much you or your kids need video games, it may be best to pack those consoles on the moving van. They can withstand a little moving around and unless you need them right away in your new home, you might be able to do without them for a day or so. Now, I could actually go the other way with that advice and say if you need them to keep the kids occupied while you move in, then make sure you have them handy.

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