How To Move To Canada

How To Move To Canada

Every time we get into an election season we always hear that friend and even celebrities threaten to move to Canada if their candidate does not win. We don’t know anyone personally that has done this but as a long-distance moving company based near Boston, it’s not that far for us to get them to their destination if that’s where they are going.

The fact is, many from the United States move to Canada every year for other reasons. And in many cases, some people travel back and forth for work each and every day. One of the top reasons many move to Canada from the Untied States is for work. The two countries enjoy a close relationship and it’s not uncommon for many to work in Canada.

Choose The Right Moving Company

You will need to work with a long distance moving company in order to move to Canada and you need to make sure you choose the right one. Find a moving company that focuses on international moving and has that expertise in-house. Not all moves are the same and a move across the border is very different that moving to another town. Your moving company should know everything about the timing of your move, customs and the forms that need to be filed and international storage if needed and any other regulations that are required of you when moving to Canada.

Get A Moving Quote

As with any move, you will need to get a moving quote. We always suggest three quotes when preparing to move so that you can get an accurate idea of what your international move will cost. Make sure your quotes contain everything you have in your possession. That means that when the representative from the company comes to assess your move, you show them everything. That includes the garage, the attic and if you have a storage bin, make sure they know that. Also let them know if you require packing services. Most full service moving companies will offer packing. If you are moving international, packing services might be required by moving companies.


Make sure you have all your paperwork in order. The last thing you want is to get to the border only to find that you have an expired passport. Hopefully you’ve taken care of that long ago and your moving company checked with you to make sure everyone in your family has valid passports. You should check with Canada to make sure that any other required paperwork is completed ahead of time. While that paperwork can changes from time to time, it’s a good idea to check with your moving company.

If you are moving to Canada to work, you will most likely be required to obtain a Canadian work visa and other necessary documents. Your employer should notify you of any required documents needed. There are other types of official labor documents so it’s best to meet with your HR department to make sure you have everything you need.

On the moving front, you may also be required to submit paperwork indicated you have insurance for your goods as the cross international lines. Again, best bet is to inquire with your moving company. We also have a video with our international moving expert Steve about what you need to know;

Useful Resources

Your moving company should be ready to supply you with all the official documents you need to move to Canada and have a list ready of the other personal and family documents you need.

If you are unsure or need additional advice on moving to Canada, there is always the Consulate General of Canada office in Boston and of course you can visit the website as well to get information. There you can find other resources that you will find useful when embarking on your journey to Canada.

Plan, Plan, Plan…

Moving down the street or to another town requires a lot of planning. An international move whether it is Canada or across the ocean requires substantially more planning and preparation. If you are moving to Canada, one of the first things you need to do is call a moving company and get the process started. Booking an international move has so many more working parts and scheduling is much different that a local move.

Get the process started now and leave room for any last-minute things that could pop up.

Enjoy your journey north!