Having to move on short notice, two weeks or less, can be very stressful. There could be many reasons why you have to move quickly; maybe your house sold faster than you thought it would, which is a good problem to have. So, here are some tips on how to cope with the stress of a short notice move. Packing: You have a lot to worry about, so it’s important to be realistic with the moving company about what you can get done. Packing generally takes 2 to 3 times longer than people estimate. One option you can consider would be to have the moving company pack the breakables only, this will save in time as these items take the longest to pack plus you can rest assured knowing they have been packed properly. Home Survey: If you are working with a full service moving company having an in-home survey is still important, if not more important so that the movers can set realistic expectations for their crew and the customer. Also, so the crew knows what they are up against. In a short notice more there is a lot less time for things to be corrected. Housing: If you do not have a new residence to move your belongings to you have a few options. Many moving companies can hold your items short term for a fee to insure a delayed delivery. Additionally, your mover may have a storage container option where goods can be placed into a container then the container transported for storage. Also, setting realistic expectations that you may need to move into something temporarily and then move your belongings locally once you find a permanent dwelling. If you have to move short notice, contact a moving company such as Humboldt Storage and Moving and get their advice so they can help you get through this process with less stress. Watch the video below for more helpful tips:

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