So if you were anywhere near the Northeast last year, you know how bad our winter was.  I know we didn’t break any records but the amount of snow we had in such a short period of time hampered many activities including people trying to relocate. I’m guessing many Boston moving companies had to either reschedule moves or alter their moves in some way. With snow banks higher than the cars in the driveways and in many cases, no place left to throw the snow, I know Humboldt needed to adjust a few moving jobs. We’ve talked about the moving company having to adjust but who really needs to not only adjust but plan for a delay is the family moving. A few things to consider when moving in the winter; You have to plan ahead; You’re not obviously going to call us up and have us move your tomorrow so we know there is some planning involved. But, the potential for bad weather and all sorts of other delays is far more common in the winter. The first thing you need to do after you know you are going to move is call the moving company. (Preferably Humboldt, but call a moving company…) Expect delays: When you expect delays and then your move goes smooth and according to plan, you’ll be less stressed out. But if you plan for delays and you actually get delayed, you’ll still be less stressed because you planed ahead. Weather kits etc…If you are driving to your new home, consider a few things in your vehicle to help you though a bad situation. Those include a shovel, blankets, food, and medicine and if you have poets, make sure you have their supplies as well. Moving in the winter months can be less stressful if you plan far in advance and prepare a few things to get you from point A to point B. We did a short video with Howard last year about moving in the winter and around the holidays. Check it out;

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