After living somewhere for a long time, the amount of goods amassed can be overwhelming. So, how do you get rid of unwanted items? It can be hard to get rid of things you that are sentimental, but there may be other items that you can donate or recycle that you may not need in your new home. When moving interstate, weight is a big component in calculating the cost, so if you get rid of goods you will reduce the cost of your move. Downsizing can be hard so here are some tips to help you get started. Going through your books can be a great place to start, there are a variety of places where you can donate your unwanted books and you will get a tax write off for your donations. Canned goods are another item that is easily donated; it may make more sense to donate them than move them. If you are downsizing from 10 rooms to 5 you may need to part with some of your furniture, it might not make sense to pay for self-storage or warehouse space for your extra furniture. You may want to offer your unwanted furniture to family and donate whatever remains. Recycling is a great option if you have metal to get rid of, you may even get cash for it. When looking to get rid of unwanted items while moving consult your moving company, they may have resources for you to use. Here at Humboldt we offer these resources all the time. Getting rid of unwanted items is a great opportunity to save you money, benefit the community and reduce your stress. For more information check out this video:

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