Or, this could be titled, mistakes people make when searching for a moving company… There are quite a few things to consider when choosing a moving company and there are several mistakes to avoid. We’re going to try and give you a few tips so you can avoid these mistakes and the ultimate stress that can accompany those missteps. While using the internet to find a moving company is probably the way most will conduct that search, be careful not to give your move to a move broker. That broker will sell your move to another moving company and in most cases, never actually tour your home to get an accurate assessment of the job. For instance, if you search for moving companies in Boston and find several that pop up, just make sure they are located in that general area. On the flip side, using the internet to vet those moving companies is a good thing. Websites such as the Better Business Bureau and Movingscams.com are a great resource in evaluating the company you may choose and can flag companies that do not have a good reputation. Make sure your moving company comes to your home and surveys the move properly. If they are only offering a quote over the phone or through the internet, walk away. Of equal importance is making sure you show the representative from the moving company, everything that needs to be moved. Nothing will stress you out more than a bunch of surprises on moving day. Jim and I had the chance to venture out in our back lot during a very nice spring day to talk about this subject. Check out the video below for even more advice.

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