Are you ready for a simpler life? Tired of mowing that lawn every week or even shoveling the snow that comes with living in New England? Maybe you’re tired of cleaning that four-bedroom house with multiple bathrooms. Whatever your reason, downsizing to a newer home that is more manageable, is a great choice for many. But downsizing can be stressful too.

Leaving that big home with four-plus bedrooms and getting yourself into a smaller home or even a condo or apartment has become more and more widespread. You know what we always say; Moving is stressful. But when you “have to” move or you need to leave the home you raised your children in and have other fond memories, the stress level can get to you. How do you minimize that stress?

As a moving company in Boston, we have helped countless families downsize to their next location. So if you’re moving around the corner to a new condo, moving to Texas, or moving to Florida we have a few ideas. Here are a few tips from our moving experts on how to downsize with less stress.

Have a family meeting before moving

Before you make the final decision on downsizing to a smaller home, you should have a family meeting to discuss all your options. If you are of retirement age, you’ll probably want to involve your adult children. The more you plan anything, the less stress you’ll have. You’ll need to think of packing, where items go you can’t hold on to, and other major decisions which lead us to the next tip.

Purging items before downsizing is a must

You will likely, need to get rid of household items you have no room for in your new home. Take time to thoughtfully plan out where those items are going such as family, charity, or storage, and go through those without rushing. We know you have accumulated numerous items over the years and some of them may have special meaning to you. And some might just be in the way taking up space. But you need to go through these items and make thoughtful decisions about taking them with you or parting ways.

Relax when downsizing to a new home

Yeah, if you know us, you knew we would say that… But it’s an important part of this process. Don’t let your emotions get the best of you. Take the time to cherish your memories and think ahead to all the new ones you’ll acquire.

Get the help you need and don’t go it alone

This is definitely not the time for a DIY move. The first thing you need to do is contact reputable moving companies to help you downsize to your next location. You can work with other experts such as senior move managers if you require that type of service. And of course, always involve the family. Downsizing your home and moving should be a journey that you can enjoy. You won’t enjoy it if you’re doing it all by yourself. Moving companies exist for a reason. To make life simpler as you relocate to your new destination.

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