The summer is kicking into full gear, the weather is getting nice, the kids are enjoying their vacations, and millions of individuals and families are either thinking about or getting ready to move. Moving anywhere can be stressful, whether it’s across the street or around the world. Here at Humboldt, it is our mission to provide a relaxed, stress free environment for you and your family. Moving has been cited as the third most stressful event in a person’s life, so needless to say we will work hard to make your move stress free and maybe even enjoyable. As a moving company in Boston we know that moving requires certain preparation, and those families and individuals who are moving during the busy summer months should know that packing your goods the right way can spare you of all those unnecessary headaches. We’ve sat down and talked to our expert’s about how to correctly pack and move your goods and valuables, here are some helpful tips! -Use small boxes for heavy items. It is a common misconception that bigger boxes are better for moving. In reality, smaller boxes should be used for moving many heavy items such as books, kitchenware and magazines, this allows for more even weight distribution. -Larger, lighter items should be put inside larger boxes. For example, clothing, bed linen, or other light furnishings would go in bigger boxes compared to smaller heavier items being packed up inside smaller boxes. -Use news print. Using just news print (not newspaper) should be more than enough to keep your goods from breaking. Remember to wrap all individual items in newsprint, and don’t forget to get the news print WITHOUT ink, if you get newsprint with ink it will rub off on your items. If you need newsprint, call us-we have some! -Sometimes special types of boxes are needed to pack up your goods and valuables. Humboldt standardly uses “book boxes” to help transport heavier items. Dish pack boxes are also used to pack-well you guessed it-all your dishes and kitchen items. A third type of box we use is called a wardrobe box; those are used for transporting your clothes. You can even hang your clothes up inside the box to help keep their integrity. For those who have just booked a mover, we suggest that you pack immediately, there’s nothing worse than unexpected surprises on moving day. Something you might not have thought of is to use three strips of tape on both the top and bottom of your boxes for extra security, and make sure you label the boxes too! Write the room you want the box to go in, as well as what is in the box, these preparations can make your move day organized and stress free. We all know the stresses of moving, especially during the summer months. Barry Pomerleau took the time out of his busy summer schedule to talk to us and help us understand more about packing up your belongings, check it out!

Are you ready for your next relaxing moving experience? If you’re moving soon, give our team a call today and let’s get started!