If you have lived in a home for several years, you most likely have places for everything. Your kitchen is set up a certain way, you know just what cabinet you need to go into to get a plate or food items and your favorite chair is right there as it always has been.

Now you’ve moved and everything is different. While you could look at this as a clean slate and opportunity to make things new, some people can’t help the feeling of being displaced for a period of time after they move into a new home. Your first week could be challenging in your new home as you unpack, set up rooms, and identify where you want other items. And who knows, you might even lose your car keys once or twice.

Here are a few ways to get a little more comfortable and not feel displaced.

Be organized when packing your existing home

You want to be as organized as you possibly can when packing up your home for a move. Proper packing will make it so much easier to unpack and get comfortable in your new house. But if you are disorganized in the way you pack boxes, or even put off packing and are running around right before the movers show up, you will feel displaced until you can sort out those items. Proper packing will help to mitigate the feeling of displacement.

Layout your rooms in advance

Hopefully, you spent some time looking at your new home before you purchased it. Many people before they buy a new home look at it more than once before they sign the paperwork. If possible, take out your phone and take several pictures of all the rooms. Now you can go back and figure out where you would like to place various items such as furniture, wall art, and other items. Having a plan before you get to moving day can help. You can now tell your professional movers where certain items should be placed as you move into your new home.

Before you decorate, unpack your boxes

Yes, the decorations you brought with you might help you feel at home but if you don’t get those boxes unpacked and get everything in its place such as clothing and dishes, you’ll be digging through boxes for things you need immediately. We strongly recommend unpacking each room, getting organized then deciding where you’d like to place certain decorations. One exception would be area rugs or like items.

Dispose of used boxes and packing material

When you are unpacking at your new home, do not let more than a few boxes pile up before you get them out of your house. Break these boxes up and take them to a location such as a garage or a basement for proper disposal. Being surrounded by empty boxes and endless piles of used packing material will stress you out and make you feel disorganized in your new home. You can unpack your items in a neat and orderly fashion.

Our team will help you plan your move and feel less stress as you get into your new house. Contact us today to find out how!

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