Often times during the course of a move, moving companies will be asked to store various items. Not every move is a case where everything is placed on the truck and delivered into a new home. There are several situations where you would want to store household items during your upcoming move.

Utilizing a storage facility for various types of moves can greatly reduce your stress. You’ll have Peace of Mind knowing that your items are secure, free from damage, and out of your way temporarily while you make decisions.

Storage for downsizing your home

If the kids have left for college and you find yourself being an empty nester, you may require storage with your moving company. You may have decided that it is time to move to a smaller home but you still might want to keep certain items in your possession. During your move, the moving company can deliver the items needed to your new smaller house or condo while placing the items you desire into their storage facility for as long as you need.

Storage when moving to another country

We have had many customers over the years that we have moved internationally that also require storage. One example is when you are moving for a job that requires a temporary assignment. Other examples include those in the military that might want to place their items in storage when assigned to active duty in another country. We’ve also seen many empty nesters move to another country, leaving their adult children in the United States. They may place items in storage and ultimately give those items to their family.

When you just can’t make a decision on certain items

We get it. There are many decisions when it comes to moving. From researching moving companies all the way to understanding and deciding what you’re going to bring with you to your new home. Often times we advise customers to donate items or hand them down to their children. But there are just some cases where many of us have a difficult time deciding. If that’s the case, obtaining storage with your moving company is one of the best ways to keep your items temporarily while you make your decision.

Storage for senior moving

We have found on many occasions when conducting moves for seniors that storage helps ease the stress associated with these types of moves. If you find yourself having to move your parents into a retirement community or even into your own home, sometimes storage becomes necessary until decisions can be made.

In 2021, Humboldt built an additional 30,000 square feet of climate-controlled storage just outside of Boston. If your upcoming move requires storage, contact our team today and let us create a storage solution for you.

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