While moving what should your moving company do to protect your home? When it comes to moving day and the moving crew arrives at your home they need to make sure your house is well protected. They cover door jams, put down rug runners, and cover railings in order to protect your house. Then they focus on protecting your goods by covering your furniture in pads and skins so nothing gets damaged. Every piece of furniture comes out of the house padded and goes into the new house padded. In addition your moving company should also complete a pre-move and post move inspection of the residence to note preexisting damage and any new damage that occurs.  A good crew is crucial in keeping your home and furniture protected and ensuring you have a good move. So what should you look for in your moving crew? The sign of a good crew is communication. When there is communication among crew members that is the key to moving large items and keeping the furniture and house protected. In a moving crew there is a crew leader who gives the directions, but on a good crew everyone should be able to stand up and lead. The homeowner should feel they can go to the crew leader or any member of the crew with any questions they may have. The crew should be talking with each other to help the move go smoothly. Humboldt tells their movers to treat the home and goods as if they were their own. This helps make for a stress free move for both the crew and customer. To find out more on how a moving company will protect your home watch the video below:

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