There are several different ways to pay a moving company, and it’s important to carefully consider each method before you move. In short, look for the safest and fairest option available. As one of many moving companies in Boston trying to do the right thing, we pride ourselves on making sure customers feel comfortable in how they pay. Like any large purchase, a consumer should make sure they are paying a reputable moving company and one that they have met and has surveyed the home. Paying for a move to a company that you only know over the internet is in our opinion a bad idea. Here are a few things to consider and more in my video with Jim. Credit: A company like Humboldt Storage and Moving will usually accept a card once the move is complete. It’s a very common and popular method, but be sure the transaction takes place through a safe and secure portal. Cash or Check: Humboldt has a payment on arrival policy when it comes to cash and checks. In this case, the customer pays when the truck arrives to the new destination, but before it’s unloaded. Deposits: Be cautious when it comes deposits. Learn what a company’s refund policies are, or if a change to the move can affect your deposit. A company that asks for a full deposit before the move should be scrutinized intensely—find out as much about its reputation and reliability as possible before committing. Do your research to determine the best payment plan for you, and keep an eye out for anything suspicious. For more advice, check out this video with Jim and I.

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