Moving is a hard, frustrating, stressful process—to the unprepared, that is. While figuring out what to bring with you, where certain objects are located, and haggling over costs can cause headaches. Some up front organization and communication before moving can save you time and stress. The in-home survey is a huge step in getting a move off on the right foot. Here are a few tips from the Humboldt Movers here to help you best prepare for moving day. In home survey: Just making a list of what you plan to move and plan to leave behind will make the process easier and less stressful. It makes for a more accurate estimate and helps finalize an effective game plan for moving day. Keep the company up to date with any changes to the coming or staying list—the less changes you need to make on moving day, the easier it is for everyone. Communication: Voice every need, question, and concern that crosses your mind to the moving representative. It’ll help you get an accurate estimate and keep things less stressful for the both of you. Let them know if there are any requirements or regulations they may come across at either residency. Consistent information: Are you getting more than one estimate? Make sure you tell each company the same list of concerns, needs, requirements, and objects to move. You want an “apples to apples” comparison, not an “apples to three apples, two oranges, and a kiwi” comparison. Jim is happy to share more tips with you himself. Take a look and learn how you can make your move as painless as possible:

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