In any venture or partnership there is one cog that must remain consistent, honesty and integrity. One definition of honesty is “freedom from deceit and fraud.” The moving industry has garnered a bad reputation over the years for being a dishonest industry. This was brought on by illegitimate fly by the night men with a truck. A reputablemoving company such as Humboldt Storage and Moving or a van line such as United Van Lines fights this battle of proving ourselves on a daily basis. Here at the Humboldt companies we expect that each individual will be completely honest in all situations whether it is with a customer, co-worker, or manager. This honesty creates a bond of trust which holds a relationship together. Once this bond is compromised the relationship begins to dissipate. Each customer of United Van Lines deserves to have the honesty of the company through the good and bad times. If something were to happen to a piece of furniture the customer deserves to hear the truth and in most cases will respect one for there integrity. Live by the policy that honesty will lead you to a better life, when you hide behind a lie it just creates a whirlwind of lies to attempt to cover up the original lie, and this causes stress on all involved.

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