Purchasing a home is a stressful time. With all of the uncertainties that lie ahead, a buyer can become anxious. Then once the deal has become finalized it is time for the real fun to begin of moving. Whether you rent a truck and grab some friends and move or hirer a professional mover this is stressful because you are leaving your familiar territory and venturing off to a new experience. Furthermore, you yourself or strangers are handling your most prized possessions and have the concern about those pieces. Recently, I have decided I want to join this group that is attempting to realize “the American Dream” of purchasing a home. As a first time home buyer I am anxious and excited to move forwarded with my life? Currently, I am pursuing a short sale home which brings on a whole new level of stress as a buyer. First, I have all the same concerns of a conventional buyer; however, additionally I am concerning myself with the bank. Are they going to accept our offer, how long are they going to take, once they do accept will they want to close immediately? These topics are keeping the process interesting and stressful. As the buyer I would like to eliminate both of those from my life. I would like the process to go quickly and smoothly to get me into my new house. It is important that I keep a level head through the process and look at the big picture. One question that I keep asking myself is, should I wait an extra few months to get the deal done. I keep coming up with the same answer of yes, with the potential purchase of this home I see many positives that will come and mold my future goals, and the one negative stress point is, what if the bank comes back 3 months from now and rejects us, and then we are at square one again. When it comes time to finally move one should do there research when selecting a mover. As a Boston moving company we have to compete with many others. Humboldt strives to separate ourselves from the others in providing a top notch quality move. Many competitors do not provide the quality of service, along with all of the intangible items that go with it. A simple thing such as proper uniform is high on our importance list but not on others. These small items that we work to perfect along with our quality skills, place Humboldt Storage and Moving above all others.

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