# 11:  Be honest.  Do you stress yourself out censoring what you wish you could say to someone, in fear of what the person might say or feel?  It is not good for you to keep emotions bottled up inside.  Let it go.  Find a nice way to express your emotions and tell people how you really feel.  Be clear and concise.  You will be amazed how much less stressed you feel when you let it all out.  BTW, this is much more of an outside work than inside work activity – you don’t want to create an uncomfortable environment for anyone. # 12:  Dance in the rain or snow.  Did you ever notice how people’s moods often turn sour because of weather?  Rain and snow often cause in increase in traffic and accidents and unintentionally make your life more stressful.  Next time, when your not in a “dress to impress” situation, take a few minutes to get a little wet and embrace the weather.  Jump in a puddle, dance around, catch a snowflake in your mouth, make a snow angel!  Please make sure to engage of your senses and really take in your surroundings.  You will be surprised as to how rejuvenated you feel.