Here’s the catch-22: the more stressed you get, the more you crave caffeine and sugar. But the more caffeine and sugar you have in your system, the more stressed you get.  At some point in time, you’re probably going to give into the cravings.  And that’s okay – everyone deserves a treat once in a while.  But until then (and after then), it’s a great idea to keep healthier snacks readily available – i.e. raw veggies and dip, nuts (which are also very festive), fresh or dried fruit (especially kiwis which are known to be an energy booster).  If you are doing a lot of baking, put aside a couple serving sizes of your favorites, and try to commit yourself to only eating what you’ve put aside (generally, a serving size is 1 cookie or brownie or 1/4 cup of anything like trifle or dip).