Moving can be a stressful experience and moving with children adds an entirely different dynamic to the process. I have been in the moving industry for many years and witnessed what can make an experience successful. I have seen great results when parents get their kids involved in the moving process. There are many moving companies in Boston and all have different philosophies. We say, get the kids involved. It alleviates children’s fears and anxiety, keeps them focused on a task and makes them feel helpful. Even the smoothest move can become hectic at times and if a child is present it is easy to push them aside to try to get things done. However, keeping your kids engaged and taking a moment to teach them how to pack can make their transitions to a new neighborhood, school and friends easier and can help them feel better about other major changes.   Below are a few simple suggestions on how you can get your child involved in the moving process by teaching them how to pack: Give your child items to pack that are not breakable: toys, books, stuffed animals. Give your child a few boxes designated with their name on the front to pack special items. Knowing their important valuables are coming along to their new home can give kids comfort. Give your child markers, crayons and stickers to mark the outside of their special boxes so they stand out and can be found easily. Take a few easy steps to help your kids participate in the moving process. This can make the experience much less stressful for everyone. Also, working side-by-side with your child can spur honest conversation; giving them a chance to express and discuss their concerns. This Boston moving company has seen great results in moving when kids are allowed to become involved and are kept engaged. See my short talk with our president, Jim Sullivan for more quick tips;

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