If you live here in the Northeast, then congratulations! You made it to spring. No matter how much snow we seem to get, winter is just too long for most of us and the site of anything green makes us smile and get in the mood for warmer weather. And with that warm weather hopefully comes the inspiration to make everything around your home embrace spring as well.

Spring is a great time to get outdoors and put a shine on your home and your property. The winter can make your home and your yard look beaten and worn so this season is best time to not only make every look better but also maintain your home to ensure further wear and tear stays to a minimum.

Our experts here have put together a few of the more common spring projects you should tackle.

Home in spring

Get Your Lawn Ready:
The sooner you can get out in the yard and clean up your lawn, the better. Clean up any branches that have fallen on your yard and give it a good racking. Many lawn aficionados will even aerate their lawns to give it an extra boost and absurd new nutrients. You’ll also want to fertilize your lawn as early as you can to allow for new growth and nice thick green lawn for months to come. And if you like bark mulch, lay a fresh coat of that in your flower beds to make the place look even better and control those weeds.

Clean Your deck:
If you live in New England then you know how hard the weather can be on your outside deck. In the summer the sun and heat beat down on your deck. In the winter, it’s the cold, the snow and ice that put wear and tear on your decking. You need to always take care of your investment and spring is a great time to preserve your deck.

First, you should power wash any decking you have. Then, make sure you go to your home improvement store and ask them the best way to put a new look on your deck and seal that in. If you don’t have the time or you feel it’s too much of a project, call an expert. Many painting companies offer this service. And since they do it all the time, they will have a process and get it done in a fraction of the time you might do it in.

Deck Furniture:
Along with cleaning your deck, you’ll want to scrub all your deck furniture. Unless you stored all your outdoor furniture indoors, it probably needs a good cleaning for the spring. Many of us are guilty of just leaving our chairs and table outside all winter and they don’t look so good after that long season. Many times, it just take a bucket of soap and a hose to clean everything up but you may want to stop by your local hardware store and see what else can be done. If you have wood furniture, you may need a special product to clean those.

Repair Window Screens:
On many occasions, the winter can take a toll on those window screens you have. Have a windy snow storm and a branch can fall and tear a screen. Or maybe you tried to change out the screens in the fall and caused the damage yourself. Ooops…
While you can purchase a repair kit at your local hardware store, it is sometimes not an easy fix. If you’re handy, fine, but if you are not, it makes sense to drop your screens off at the hardware store. For a minimal cost, you can have new screens installed properly and reduce the stress of trying to make them look perfect.

Front Door:
Put a fresh coat of paint on the front door. Maybe it doesn’t need it but it will make you feel that much better when you see a nice fresh paint job this spring as you enter your home. Maybe even change the color!

Spring is the best time to put a shine on your home and get your yard looking great. You’ll have all season long to enjoy your hard work and you’ll feel much better knowing you took care of your home to make it last for years to come.

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