When tackling a move, there are all kinds of items in your house that need to be taken care of with varying degrees of attention. Maybe the box of stuffed animals can take a little bouncing around but what about that painting from the 1800’s that you know is worth a lot… Moving valuables including fine art, antiques and other items should not be given to the average moving company. We all have our specialties but one of ours is clearly moving valuable items. Hey, we moved one of the most valuable paintings in the country safely and without a scratch. Does that qualify? There are many aspects of moving items of value and many things to think about. Such as personal items of memories.  Moving companies can only assess the actual value of an item, not the sentimental value.  For items that have emotional value and are truly irreplaceable, it would be best to transport these items personally.  This includes items such as family photo albums, wedding gowns, and other family heirlooms. For that irreplaceable paining you bought at an auction that is now worth a ton of money, its best to have a pro do that. Our own Howard Goldman launched our fine art moving and storage division Mind’s Eye back a few years ago. He is one of the leading experts in this field. Hear his thoughts on the video below about the top things to think about before moving valuables.

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