There are many moving companies in Boston but Humboldt’s years of experience as Boston’s oldest moving company have given us the expertise to help our customers “Relax and get moving.” Over the years we have seen what elements contribute to a successful move and we work with our customers every day to employ these methods and assist them with the easiest transition possible. That is what has built our reputation. Aside from Humboldt trying to get your business, we have a vested interest in helping people find good moving companies whether you work with us or not. We know however, that many people wonder how they can vet a moving company and find a reputable moving company to work with them. Below are a few tips on what you should consider when looking for a reputable moving company: Do your homework by checking to be sure the moving company you choose is approved by the Better Business Bureau, read on-line reviews and be certain the company you choose has the American Moving and Storage Association’s ProMover Seal. Be aware of the pitfalls associated with hiring a moving broker. Brokers farm out your job to actual movers which leaves them with no control over the moving process. Also, current household goods consumer protection laws are not applicable to moving brokers. Collect opinions and reviews from your friends, family and colleagues regarding movers they have hired. The internet is also a valuable resource where you can read reviews and experiences on sites such as: Be sure the moving company you are looking to hire conducts an in-home visual inspection of your items to accurately asses the weight to generate a proper estimate. A reputable moving company should also evaluate other factors like parking, truck access and permits at this time. Taking a little time to research moving companies will help you find an experienced and reputable company who can make your moving experience as smooth and calm as possible. More tips can be found on the video below;

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