Fall Home Maintenance

Fall Home Maintenance

Fall is a great time to spruce up your home and take care of that nagging to do list you’ve been adding to all summer. We know, you had great intentions to take advantage of the summer months and all those sunny days. But then you decided to relax. We get it. We love to relax too here at Humboldt.

But now fall is here and while the weather at this time of the year also has it’s incredible aspects, it’s a great time to get a few things done on your Fall Home Maintenance list before the snow flies.

Seal Up Any Leaks

Fall is a great time to seal up any types of leaks. The cold weather is coming and if you want to save a few dollars on your heating bill, you’ll want to go around your home and check out all your windows and doors for any open areas that cold air can get in. Cold air is one reason but you’ll also want to seal up any openings to make sure you don’t get any unwanted critters in your home during the winter. You can use a variety of products depending on what needs to be sealed. From caulking to weather stripping, your local hardware / home store will have many options.

Check The Walkways

Make sure you check all your walkways, the driveway, and other paths to make sure there are no loose rocks, stones, or pavers. If you use a snowblower and hit a rock, you’ll be shoveling for the rest of the day before you get that snowblower fixed. It’s also a good idea to check these so you don’t trip on any loose rocks that could be covered with snow.


If you use your fireplace, you should have it cleaned every year. Hire a qualified chimney specialist to do the job. Most will also inspect the chimney to make sure there are not any cracks or loose brick that could cause an issue during a fire. If you have a wood stove, the same advice applies. Make sure you are having it cleaned out on a regular basis to avoid any fire hazards.

Heating System

Speaking of heating, you should also have your furnace inspected each year as well. If you have not had this done in a while, make sure you contact a licensed heating and air conditioning company to do a thorough checkup. Don’t wait until it’s cold outside and then the heating system fails to start when you need it. Contact the company before the cold hits to make sure you’re ready for winter. While you’re at, make sure they check your water heater.

Carbon Monoxide Alarms

Test or replace your carbon monoxide alarms. This is a great to do so because you’ll be using your furnace for several months. You may also be using your oven more often than cooking out on the grill so it’s the best time of year to make sure these are working and batteries are full of charge.

Take Care Of The Yard

There are many things you can do in the fall to take care of your yard. First, you really should clean up those leaves before spring. Don’t just leave them there because they will kill your nice green lawn. You should also lay down some fertilizer to feed your lawn over the winter, so it comes back nice and green in the spring.

Clean Your Gutters

Make sure your gutters are clean. And make sure you hire a professional. While you may not be afraid of high places, why chance it. Hire a roofing company or a local handyman to take care of your gutters. Cleaning your gutters will get rid of all the pine needles and other debris in there and it will help to prevent water coming into your home.


Get that snow blower ready for winter. Just like your heating system, you don’t want find out your snowblower is not working right when you need it the most. Pull it out and start it up and let it run for several minutes. Check the oil and make sure it’s ready. If you need to, take it down to your local repair shop and have it serviced.

Most importantly, enjoy the fall season. There is so much to do if you live in New England. From fall festivals, beer fests and leaf peeping. Take time, relax and enjoy what this region has to offer.