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For some people, moving is the beginning of a new adventure filled with fun memories and experiences. For others, it is simply a nightmare, thanks to the complexities of transporting your entire life in boxes. For many, it’s both. However you view the moving process, most people can agree that moving in the summertime is a miserable experience without the right preparation. If you’re due for a move this summer, there’s no time like the present to start making a checklist of tasks to complete before the big day to make the process easier overall. Try starting with these tasks to get on the right track.


It’s never too early to begin preparing for your summer move, especially if you happen to live in a larger home. Decluttering your home and prioritizing your belongings is an important step to ensure you aren’t doing more work than necessary on the date of your move. This task can be started weeks or even months in advance, giving you plenty of time to purge your unwanted items and acquire packing materials for those you want to keep.

When downsizing, it’s easiest to tackle the job room-by-room. For example, you may choose to get rid of all your unnecessary possessions in your bedroom one week. The next week, you may move on to the bathrooms. Later, the kitchen. The order in which you declutter your rooms is entirely up to you, but it requires discipline and adherence to a schedule to ensure your home is sufficiently downsized in time to start packing.

If you aren’t sure which items to keep and which to throw away or donate, consider these questions:

  • Have you used it in the last six months (12 months for holiday items)?
  • Do you have duplicate items?
  • Does it have irreplaceable sentimental value that you would miss terribly?
  • Is it old, worn or nearly unusable?
  • Would it be replaced in the near future anyway?

These questions can help you gauge whether or not an item should be kept or given up. If others could use it, try donating it instead of throwing it away. Otherwise, recycling and trashing your unwanted items is the way to go.

Get Quotes

Securing a reliable, honest moving company to help you handle your possessions during your move may seem like a breeze, but it’s important you know who you’re going into business with. Hiring movers isn’t just about getting the nearest company to haul the heavy stuff. It’s also about finding a team that will help you along the way to reduce your stress and take great care to make sure your belongings make it to your destination safe and sound.

Shop around for quotes from at least three moving companies to get a good sense of what your options are. However, don’t be tempted by companies that lowball your quote just to get you in a contract. These shady business practices are unethical and often end up costing you more money later on when you’ve already committed. Remember: You get what you pay for, so don’t go with the company that offers the lowest quote simply because they’re cheaper.

Consider what the cost gets you. Do they conduct a background check on their movers? Do you get a Personal Move Coordinator who will be your point of contact and handle the logistics throughout the entire moving process? Are the movers trained? Questions like these can help you determine which company is the best one for you.

When in doubt, check the companies’ reputations online. Knowing how they’ve treated past customers’ belongings and the type of service they’ve provided will likely play a role in the decision you ultimately make.

Keep in mind that summer is the busy season for movers, so quotes will likely be higher and movers may be booked out more frequently. Getting this step done sooner rather than later can ensure you secure a team you actually want.

Pack Early

Once your home is downsized and you’ve chosen a company to work with, it’s time to get packing. Yes, even if your move isn’t for a month or two. It’s never too early to start packing up the items you hardly ever need, such as wall décor or sentimental items. Even cold weather clothing can be packed early on without disrupting your normal day-to-day activities. If you begin packing now, you’ll have less to pack later and won’t be in such a panicked frenzy to get it all done at the last second.

As you get closer, pack up your non-essential items room-by-room, just as you did when you decluttered. This schedule will prevent you from procrastinating up until move day. Remember to take an inventory of what goes into each box and label the boxes accordingly. You don’t want to go rifling through box after box when you arrive in your new home looking for the right size pan.

The day before your move, you should pack a “Necessities” box filled with all the items you need to function every day, like toothpaste, deodorant, a hairbrush and a few changes of clothes. Don’t forget to pack one for the pets, too!
When you pack your belongings, consider how the summer heat will affect the items inside each box and take steps to protect them. For example, candles, electronics or discs could be damaged by hours spent in the back of a hot moving van. You may want to leave these items in the backseat of your car instead.

Prepare for Move Day

When the day finally arrives, you may feel pumped and ready to get it done. Before you go rushing into things, create a moving day survival kit for yourself. Wear comfortable clothes, close-toed shoes, a hat and sunscreen to start. Make sure you and your family always have access to water as well. Working in the summer heat can be dangerous, so stay vigilant for signs of overheating. When you reach your new home, turn on the air conditioner immediately to create a more comfortable environment for your family and the movers.

Enjoy a Stress-Free Move With Humboldt

Moving doesn’t have to be an overwhelming experience. With the right team of professional movers on your side, you can conquer your summer move and barely break a sweat. Humboldt is proud be the Boston area’s premier residential moving team. With more than 100 years of experience providing courteous, dedicated service to local residents, our movers and move coordinators are committed to ensuring your move is safe, successful and stress-free. Contact us online or call (781) 821-8777 to receive your FREE moving quote today!

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