We see moving mistakes all the time and those also come in the form of mistakes during the packing process. We get it, you probably are not thrilled about packing but if you’re going to move and you want to limit injuries and be organized at the same time, you will want to pack properly.

Here are a few common moving mistakes when it comes to packing that we see.

Putting off packing until the last minute

Do you want to get stressed out? Then wait until the last day to start packing. That’s one way you can experience the stress of moving. Waiting to pack your home and putting it off day after day is only going to lead to stress and frustration. In fact, aside from calling your moving company, packing should be one of the first things you plan and do for your upcoming move. Delaying the process of packing will also create chaos and disorganization and stress you out when you get to your new home. And it can put the move plan in jeopardy.

Not labeling moving boxes

Let’s face it, it doesn’t take a lot of effort to label the boxes you have packed. If you don’t create some type of labeling system, moving into your new home will be disorganized, to say the least. You will have kitchen items in the bedroom and so on. Either purchase labels, use magic markers such as a sharpie or talk to your local moving company about a labeling system.

Packing without organizing first

If you put off packing and procrastinate on this important part of your move, you’re almost certain to be forced to throw everything in boxes at the last minute. Your boxes will be disorganized, full of various items that don’t make sense, and could even cause damage during your move. We suggest organizing what you’ll be packing as best as you can. That includes packing books, packing clothing in the appropriate boxes, using the best boxes to pack dishes and glasses. Being disorganized could result in packing these items in the same box which could be disastrous at the destination.

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Using the wrong packing materials

Using just any old box to pack items in your home may result in damage to your belongings. And not using the proper packing materials to protect those items can result in the same. There is a reason why we supply moving boxes and packing materials for our customers. The proper packing materials are designed specifically to help protect your items during moving and storage. They are also designed to reduce injury for those carrying and moving those boxes. If items are broken in the boxes you pack, in most cases the mover will not have any responsibility.

Packing boxes that are too heavy

We just mentioned using the proper packing materials and there’s another reason for doing so. You don’t want to pack boxes and make them too heavy to move. For example, you would not want to fill a clothing wardrobe box full of books because that would be difficult to move. Spreading out your items so boxes are not too heavy will reduce the possibility of injury for both you and your professional movers.

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