Moving to some, seems like a fairly basic process; transport belongings from point A to point B. As simple as it sounds, somewhere along the line things can get complicated with all the details to manage and distances to travel. If you’ve ever moved before, you know it’s not that simple… An experienced and reputable moving company can ease the stress of moving day by providing a sound inventory system to help customers know their belongings are in good hands. Below are a few ways moving companies such as Humboldt Moving handle your good. Modern system: Technology like smart phones and tablets are enabling many moving companies to streamline inventory methods to expedite the relocation process. These ‘fast track’ systems utilize bar code scanners to create a solid inventory list where items can be tracked until they safely arrive at their final destination making certain nothing goes missing. Short moves: Many customers assume a local or short move is an easy process however, since many moving companies don’t use a formal inventory process for this type of relocation, things can get more involved than expected. To ease stress on a short move, customers may request an inventory list from their moving company and may also take a few personal steps to ensure belongings arrive at their final destination.   Long distance moves: Interstate and international moves often have many more details to manage so movers typically create an itemized list. As one of the premier international moving companies in Boston, we know what it takes manage a large inventory. Each item should be numbered with an inventory sticker provided by the moving company which corresponds with the sticker number on the list. When belongings arrive at the final destination they can easily be checked off through this process. Hear what Jim has to say about making sure your goods get from point A to point B.

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