Yes… Although there are many details to manage during a move, it is important to get the relocation process going in the right direction from the beginning with a sound contract between you and your moving company. We have over 100 years of experience relocating people and transporting precious belongings. Whether you are dealing with international movers or just moving locally, you need a contract. Below they offer a few tips on how to steer through a moving contract and what to look for in your unique document to help ease stress during the relocation process. Stay informed: It seems pretty basic but be certain your contract includes the relocation company’s logo, name, address, website and other contact information. This information makes a contract official but can be easily overlooked or omitted. List of Services: If you have requested specific services for the move date such as: packing, storage or other additional details be certain they are listed in the final contract. Valuation: It does not hurt to consider valuation or what others might call insurance, especially if you are transporting priceless items. Assess the value of items being moved and decide if insurance or guarantees should be added into your contract to compensate for valuable items. We think it’s a good idea. Relocation Information: Since every move is different, your contract will contain details specific to your relocation and your belongings. Ensure detailed accounts of your expectations are listed in the contract like agreed pick up date and time and cost either by hour or weight. Cost: Be certain to review the overall cost and make sure it is what was discussed with the moving company representative. Although it is not always the case, be prepared to pay a deposit when the final contract is turned in. A contract sets expectations between customers and relocation companies to lay out the best plan for moving day. Although relocating can be a hectic experience, take time to carefully read through your moving contract and thoroughly understand the details included. Jim and I recently had a discussion about moving contracts. Check out what he has to say in the video below:

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