As the Quality Control Supervisor for Humboldt Storage and Moving, I am faced with a very important mission. That mission is to visit as many of Humboldt’s jobs that I can every day to assure that we are providing the stress-free, quality moves that we promise all of our customers. During these random visits, I look around and ask myself many questions concerning the move. Are all crew members in full uniform? Is the home protected to best of our abilities? Is the crew working diligently? Is everyone moving our customer’s goods in a safe manner? And, most importantly, is our customer relaxed and comfortable with all that is going on in this potentially stressful transition?  I am happy and proud to state that the answers to all these important questions is YES! Fortunately for me, the crews here at Humboldt Storage and Moving make my job as Quality Control Supervisor relatively simple. Of course, I can find something in almost every move that can be changed or improved to better serve our customers. My viewing of these jobs and the important feedback from our clients shows me that you can always be better and that quality is the most important part of any service. At Humboldt, we take every step we can to ensure our service is above and beyond our competition.  The position of Quality Control is not seen at every moving company. It is my belief that having someone performing Quality checks is an important tool for success. I’m proud to say that I’m in a position to improve and maintain the already great reputation of the best moving company in the Boston area.

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