We’ve all seen the news now about the challenges we are having with the supply chain and other transportation issues that our country is dealing with. This, as you might imagine, is affecting international moving from Boston and other areas.

If you are moving to another country from Boston, you’ll want to pay attention to our quick tips for your international move in 2022.

Book your international move early

We can’t say this enough. It is important to book your movers as early as possible on any type of move but especially when moving to another country. Because of supply chain issues and other challenges, you need to give your movers as much time as possible to provide you with a stress-free move.

Don’t book any flights or move date without speaking to your mover first

You may want to get a head start on booking your flights to your new destination. And generally, if you want to save money, that’s the right thing to do. But until you have a conversation with your moving company and understand the timeline for your international move, it’s a good idea to put this off until your moving company can give you a clear snapshot on a schedule.

Use your mover to discard items

Another piece of advice we always give our customers but all the more important on an international move. Discard any items that you can do without at your new destination. Packing items that you will not need it’s only going to add expenses to your move. If you don’t need it, donate, share with family or friends or bring them to the dump. And let your mover help you do this because many have relationships that can help you discard items.

Port congestion is leading to increase in costs

Because of the ongoing congestion at major ports around the country, you may see an increase in costs associated with your container move. In some cases, it may make sense to do an air shipment. But it’s important to consult with your moving company on the best way to move your items to a new country.

Understand documents and other regulations needed

The best international moving companies will walk you through all the documents and other regulations you need to pay attention to on your international move. When we work with our international clients, we collaborate with them to ensure all these are met before moving day. But you need to ask about required documentation long before moving day.

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