challenges of moving to the boston areaPacking up your home’s belongings and moving to a brand new city is a thrilling experience to say the least. As with any other major life event, there are a number of ups and downs that go along with moving, especially when it’s to a major city like Boston. Here are some common challenges experienced by those who’ve relocated to this great city we call home and tips to help make the adjustment process as smooth and stress-free as possible.

Navigating the City and Adjusting to New Cultural Norms

Navigating Boston’s busy, winding streets and low-clearance bridges can prove to be tricky for many newcomers. Parking is another frequently cited pain point for both locals and newbies alike, especially for moving trucks which run the risk of getting ‘Storrowed’ (a term locals use in reference to moving trucks or other high-clearance vehicles getting stuck under one of Boston’s notorious low-clearance bridges).

If you’re transporting your belongings via a moving truck, you’ll want to look into reserving a parking spot for it well in advance, as there are strict deadlines after which you may not be able to get a permit and run the risk of not finding a spot even remotely close to your new home or even worse, getting a hefty ticket.

In addition to getting used to the new layout and traffic patterns of a bustling city, there are unique cultural norms you’ll likely have to adjust to as well; especially if you have a New York accent or are a Yankees fan, as you’re almost guaranteed to face some friendly rivalry from the locals. Moving to the East Coast from another region of our diverse country is also a major adjustment in and of itself, as the overall vibe and mentality varies drastically from coast to coast and border to border.

Dealing with the Anxieties of Leaving Home

Moving away from a city you’ve not only grown familiar with but in which you have family and lifelong friends is never easy. Many people who move someplace new can feel lonely, isolated and out of touch with their neighbors and communities, at least for the first few weeks or months as they adjust and meet new people through work, hobbies, volunteering, etc.

Looking for a way to connect with your new fellow Bostonians? Consider volunteering with Boston Cares – New England’s largest volunteer agency – or researching upcoming events and gatherings around your neighborhood.

Keeping Up with Trash Day and New Building Rules

Garbage collection schedules vary depending on the neighborhood in which you live, making it one of the things you’ll have to get down pat relatively quickly if you don’t want all those moving (and maybe takeout) boxes piling up. Fortunately, there’s an app for that! The City of Boston’s Trash Day app will help you stay informed of any changes or interruptions to your collection schedule, and also help you verify what’s recyclable and what’s not!

Additionally, you’ll want to speak with your landlord, realtor or whoever presides over your building to make sure you’re aware of any and all rules unique to that building or neighborhood so you aren’t in for any unexpected and unwelcomed surprises on the day of your big move.

Also, beware of street sweeping day. In many neighborhoods street sweeping occurs once a week or once every other week, and your car needs to be off the road when that happens. If it isn’t, you could incur significant fines and tickets.
For help finding safe, affordable housing, information regarding your rights as a renter in Boston or for other helpful tips and resources to help you acclimate to Beantown, visit the City of Boston’s website.

Avoid the Hassle of Moving Alone (and Getting ‘Storrowed’) with Humboldt

Embarking on a new journey in a new city is exciting, but understandably comes with an adjustment period. One thing that can make the entire process easier and less stressful is hiring local moving professionals such as those at Humboldt Storage and Moving. Not only do our friendly moving experts treat your possessions with the utmost care and respect, but they also know our great city like the back of their hand, ensuring your move from point A to point B in Boston is as quick, affordable and hassle-free as possible.

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