Our Boston moving company presently uses the company Caturano and Co. to handle our IT needs.  Caturano recently released a promotion that highlights Humboldt as a company that uses their IT Outsourcing services.  We were honored that they thought of us for this opportunity.  They are helping get our name out into the community and will hopefully bring in some potential clients.  As a result, I feel the need to write about how Caturano has helped ourBoston moving company in hopes of returning the goodwill.  I sat down and discussed this topic with the CFO, since he works with Caturano directly.  He said that in the 30 years he has been working, he has never worked with an IT company as professional and as helpful as Caturano.  Humboldt strives to reduce the stress of not only our customers, but also our employees.  Caturano has helped us in obtaining this goal.  We truly appreciate everything they do for us.  They have reduced OUR stress immensely.  Using Caturano’s services is effortless.  The employees can receive technical assistance from their desktop computers by signing into Caturano’s web portal.  From there, someone from Caturano can take over your screen and assist in solving the problem.  This has saved our CFO a vast amount of time.  Prior to this, employees went to him with their problems directly.  Caturano’s response time is fast, and they are tremendously efficient.  Another major impact they have had on our Boston moving company is helping with the number of times our system upgrades a month.  Prior to Caturano, our system was upgrading automatically once a week, causing major disruptions for our employees.  Caturano now has it set up so that our system upgrades once a month and we also get an email notification to let us know what time and day the interruption will occur. This modification has undeniably reduced our stress!  To any companies out there looking for a new IT Outsourcing company, we highly recommend the services offered by Caturano and Co.!

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