4 ways to part with books before moving

OK all you book lovers. We are sorry to do this but one of the ways to lighten the load when moving is to get rid of some of those books you have. We understand parting with books is not an easy decision but it's one of the best ways to reduce the stress of an upcoming move. Not only that but getting rid of books can reduce your move's cost. Because, let's face it, books are heavy. If you are a book lover and you have a ton of books in your home, here are a few ways that

3 important factors to consider before storing your art

Storing art or antiques is something you should prepare adequately for. That preparation includes doing all your research and choosing the right people to handle your art. While there may be plenty of internet results when it comes to companies specializing in the moving and storage of art, not all of these companies are created equal. So if you need to move items of high value or place them in storage, there are a few “must haves” for you to consider. Choosing fine art movers with experience You should always check into a moving company and their experience before hiring

Need climate controlled storage this year? Keep these 3 things in mind

If you're looking for a local storage company this year you'll want to keep a few things in mind. Many factors are driving the availability when it comes to storage warehouses so it's important to understand these circumstances if you need to store items temporarily. Delays in international moving can drive demand for storage Because of the ongoing delays in ports, especially on the West Coast, there have been delays in international moving. As a result, more and more families that need to move out of the country are utilizing climate-controlled storage until containers become available for their move.

Think about climate-controlled storage for these projects

When some people think about placing items in storage, they think about getting all that stuff out of their house. Because in many cases they've accumulated so much that it's hard to navigate the home anymore. They need to get items out of the way but they don't know what to do with them. So they place various items in storage. That's a great way to use a storage facility but there are many others that you might not have thought of. If you are embarking on any of these projects, you may want to consider using climate-controlled storage to

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When you need to move with too much furniture

Some people may disagree but there comes a time when you actually may have too much furniture. And one of those times is when you're moving to a new home. Maybe you have decided to downsize, move to a condominium or your new home just doesn't accommodate the furniture you currently have. There comes a time when you need to take a look at whether you can bring your furniture with you. Here are a few tips from our moving professionals about what to do when you can't bring all your furniture with you. Take measurements in your new home

Using a storage facility when remodeling your home this year

If you're like many families the past year or so, you have probably conducted some kind of remodeling project on your home. We have found that families made the decision to embark on all types of home improvement projects because they wanted to enjoy their home more or they were now working at home as a result of the pandemic. If you have ever been through a home remodeling project, you know that your home can get disrupted and things can get messy. And that's why it's a great idea to place your items in storage during a home remodeling

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How moving companies help with storage during your move

Often times during the course of a move, moving companies will be asked to store various items. Not every move is a case where everything is placed on the truck and delivered into a new home. There are several situations where you would want to store household items during your upcoming move. Utilizing a storage facility for various types of moves can greatly reduce your stress. You'll have Peace of Mind knowing that your items are secure, free from damage, and out of your way temporarily while you make decisions. Storage for downsizing your home If the kids have

Why should I place items in climate-controlled storage?

The benefits of storing your items in a climate-controlled storage facility are many. The protection that such a facility offers is far greater than traditional self-storage units. While many storage facilities may claim they control the environment within their building to these standards, it's always a safe bet to ask before committing to place your items in storage. Before you place your items in a storage facility you should understand what climate-controlled storage is as well as how it protects the items you place in storage. What is climate-controlled storage? Climate-controlled storage is typically an indoor facility where both temperature

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Signs you may need storage during moving

There are a number of important reasons why you might want to use a storage facility during your upcoming move. Storage with movers is becoming more popular and an effective way to manage not only the move but the stress that can come with it. If you want to ease into your new home gradually, or you want to take the time to possibly make some improvements to your new house before loading everything you own back into it, placing certain items in storage is a smart move. Here are a few reasons why you might want to utilize

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Home Staging Tips For A Quick Sale

We get it, you love your furniture and everything you have placed in your home over the years. We all have our own individual tastes and styles, but what we like might not be for everyone. And that’s why, if you are planning on selling your home this spring or summer, it’s a great idea to consider staging your home. What is "Home Staging"? Staging a home is about creating a new atmosphere and vibe to help your future buyer see all the possibilities that your home can offer them. In short, its putting your home in the best