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Home Staging Tips For A Quick Sale

We get it, you love your furniture and everything you have placed in your home over the years. We all have our own individual tastes and styles, but what we like might not be for everyone. And that’s why, if you are planning on selling your home this spring

Home Staging Tips For A Quick Sale2021-01-25T12:51:21-05:00

Stress Free Self Storage Moves

If you are like most families, you have more “Stuff” than you think you have. Over time, we accumulate all kinds of household items, gifts, toys, clothing, furniture and the list goes on…We put these items where we think makes sense at the time, or, where we can find

Stress Free Self Storage Moves2021-01-25T13:52:51-05:00

Where Should I Put My Furniture During Construction?

If you are like many homeowners, you most probably have more than enough furniture in your home. Where should it all go when you are embarking on a home improvement or restoration project such as replacing or refinishing your floors? Or even more extensive such as a full remodeling job?

Where Should I Put My Furniture During Construction?2020-11-09T09:28:58-05:00

What Is Storage In Transit?

Whether a local move or a long distance relocation, understanding “moving jargon” or moving industry specific terms can be confusing and stressful. We asked the Humboldt Experts to break down some of the most commonly used terms so you can “relax and get moving”. What is Storage in Transit?

What Is Storage In Transit?2021-01-25T12:34:25-05:00

How To Choose A Storage Warehouse or Self Storage Facility

Don’t just blindly hand over the care, custody, and control of your beloved belongings to a storage facility or warehouse without doing your research. Our team of Humboldt Experts recommend asking the following questions when selecting your storage solution. Is the space temperature or climate controlled? If your belongings

How To Choose A Storage Warehouse or Self Storage Facility2021-01-25T12:52:03-05:00
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