Think about climate-controlled storage for these projects

When some people think about placing items in storage, they think about getting all that stuff out of their house. Because in many cases they've accumulated so much that it's hard to navigate the home anymore. They need to get items out of the way but they don't know what to do with them. So they place various items in storage. That's a great way to use a storage facility but there are many others that you might not have thought of. If you are embarking on any of these projects, you may want to consider using climate-controlled storage to

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Home Staging Tips For A Quick Sale

We get it, you love your furniture and everything you have placed in your home over the years. We all have our own individual tastes and styles, but what we like might not be for everyone. And that’s why, if you are planning on selling your home this spring or summer, it’s a great idea to consider staging your home. What is "Home Staging"? Staging a home is about creating a new atmosphere and vibe to help your future buyer see all the possibilities that your home can offer them. In short, its putting your home in the best

Winter Fire Hazards Around The Home

We have helped countless families in the past few years that have fallen victim to a house fire and the stress involved is in many cases, immeasurable. There is nothing more frightening than a house fire. A house fire takes on a life of its own and within moments, a fire can take over an entire structure, and leave a family devastated by its damage. According to the US Fire Administration, part of FEMA, over 50% of all house fires in 2016 were the result of cooking. Close to 10% were because of heating issues and over 6% were

How To Restore Furniture After A Home Disaster

New Englanders see everything from rain, to wind, to snow, to enormous tides and the damage to go along with these conditions. We have had everything from entire homes knocked off their foundations to trees going through countless homes so far this year. When trees do invade your home, they can cause much more damage than just the house itself. That tree can cause substantial damage to what is in your home. And the same goes for water and fire. When your home experiences a flood or you have personal items dented, scratched or broken, the damages can add

Where Should I Put My Furniture During Construction?

If you are like many homeowners, you most probably have more than enough furniture in your home. Where should it all go when you are embarking on a home improvement or restoration project such as replacing or refinishing your floors? Or even more extensive such as a full remodeling job? Here are a few tips for what to do with all that furniture during construction. Store Furniture Off Site The best way to make sure your furniture doesn’t get damaged during a remodeling job is to store it off site. Get it out of the home and into a safe

How To Prepare For A Winter Home Emergency

One week the weather casters say we’ll have a winter full of snowstorms, and the next week, they all say it’s going to be a mild winter. The week after that, all snow, all the time. It seems that we never know what we’re in for when it comes to winters in New England. But one thing we do know as a moving company in Boston. We have to be prepared for anything. New England weather in the winter can throw just about anything at us. Snow, rain, sleet, sunny days and more. Throw in some of these factors

Holiday Home Safety Tips

From the children all the way up to us adults, we pretty much have one thing on our minds during the holiday season - having fun! However, taking just a little time to think about safety around the home can go a long way in preventing a whole host of unwanted circumstances. Here are our "Holiday Home Safety Tips" that will hopefully put you at ease during this time of year. Weather If you live in New England then you know that one day, it can be 60 degrees out and the next day you can have snow on

Are You Ready To Weather The Next Big Storm?

Here at Humboldt Storage & Moving - you may think we just specialize in your typical residential and commercial moving. However, we also have an entire department of experts dedicated to emergency moving services. When it comes to emergencies in the home, having professionals by your side is one of the keys to easing the stress of unexpected disasters. Here are our tips to help you weather the next big storm. Food, Water and the Basics We all have seen the line at the store and the photos of the bread and milk shelves empty. It is because as humans we

Don’t Sweat It! Summer Home Maintenance Tips

Summer is the time of the year most of us long for. If you live in the northeast then summer is always on your mind. Beaches, biking, hiking, outdoor activities and just hanging out on the deck grilling your dinner, all these activities say, summer is here! In addition to all that relaxing, summer is a great time to get a few things done around the house. We asked our Emergency Moving Expert, Joe Geary, to share what he thinks are the most important summer home maintenance tips. Gutters Summer is a great time to clean out those gutters

How To Avoid Summer Fire Hazards

Summer is a great time to kick back, relax, take a few extra days off and enjoy family and friends. As we spend a lot of time outdoors, we also want to be safe as there are many activities during the summer that while very enjoyable and relaxing, can also potentially cause a fire hazard and damage to your home. Our Emergency Moving Expert, Joe Geary, has complied a short list of activities and tips to help make the rest of your summer is relaxing and safe along the way. Grilling Who doesn’t love grilling outdoors during the summer - it is