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April is Autism Awareness Month

As many know now, April is Autism Awareness Month. We believe the autism community has done a good job of creating awareness around autism including the challenges and the gifts associated with it. Many individuals with autism are contributing to our communities in ways we never imagined several years ago. However,

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For Many, Change Does Not Come Easy

That’s right… Some people just don’t like moving. Now for us at Humboldt, we try to enjoy every journey. And as you might imagine, we are moving families just about every day of the week. Some of our families are veterans to the moving experience and others are moving

For Many, Change Does Not Come Easy2021-01-25T12:59:10-05:00

Moving with Autism – After the Move

Moving With Autism Tip: Moving to a new home with a family member on the autism spectrum can be challenging but it's after the move that can be equally difficult. We've developed a number of tools to help. See what the experts say about coping after the move. Moving with

Moving with Autism – After the Move2020-09-17T14:22:18-04:00

Moving With Autism : How to Cope With Moving Day

As part of our ongoing series on Moving with Autism, we have developed a list of tools and tips to make moving day as seamless of a transition as possible. Moving with Autism Video- How to Cope With Moving Day Moving Day Tips Stick to your daily routine - Our movers

Moving With Autism : How to Cope With Moving Day2020-08-27T09:29:36-04:00

Moving With Autism : Before the Move

At Humboldt Storage and Moving, we realize just how stressful a move can be. We also know how challenging this transition can be for a family member who is on the autism spectrum. With a flurry of major changes and disruption of normal routines, relocating can be both scary and

Moving With Autism : Before the Move2020-08-27T09:28:37-04:00
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