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How a moving company can help you in a home emergency

Being a homeowner is a big responsibility. And if you are one of them, then you know all too well. You have to cut the grass in the summer, shovel the driveway in the winter. You may have to paint your house occasionally or do other upgrades. Then of course there's the day-to-day tasks such as cooking, cleaning and doing the dishes. But there are times when an emergency or a disaster can strike your home and it is important to understand the steps you need to take to lower your stress level and get your home back into living

5 ways you can get motivated to start packing your home

If you are moving to a new home, guess what? You are going to have to pack. If you have decided to pack your home on your own and not use professional packing services, then you're going to need to get in the zone and get it done before the moving truck pulls up. Here are five ways you can get a little motivation to get the packing process started for your upcoming move. Set a clear timeline including deadlines If there's one thing we know you may procrastinate on in life, that is packing up your home for a

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How to coordinate moving furniture during an office move

One of the biggest challenges an organization could face during an office relocation is the logistics surrounding moving office furniture. It doesn't have to be a challenge but furniture is obviously the biggest part of your office relocation. That can include desks, cubicle arrangements, conference room furniture and other bulky items. Here are a number of ways from our office relocation experts here in Boston to make moving furniture to your new office much less stressful. Develop a detailed list of what's going to the new office Your organization must decide what type of furniture is traveling with you on

3 important factors to consider on an international move

As an international moving company in Boston, we have conducted countless moves around the globe over the past few decades. As you can imagine, an international move can be far more complex than just moving to a new home in the same town. Because of that, there are a whole host of factors that you'll need to understand and consider when embarking on a move to another country. Realistic expectations about control of your international move When you're moving to another country, your international moving company will book a container with your household items on a shipping vessel. However, one

5 essential factors you need to know before moving out to a new country

Moving to a new country from Boston or anywhere in the US can be an exciting and challenging experience at the same time. We always say moving is a journey and there's no better journey than moving to a new country to experience different surroundings, cultures, food and more. However, embarking on an international move requires some additional thought and planning. Here are 5 essential things that you should know before making the move to another country. Visas and other legal requirements Before making the move, it's essential to research the visa requirements and legalities of the country you're

Moving your office soon? The importance of having a project manager

If your organization is considering moving your offices soon, you are going to need a project manager. It's just that simple. We've conducted a number of office relocations in Greater Boston and beyond and we can tell you that the successful office moves we have been involved in have one thing in common. There is one central point of contact that is spearheading the entire office move. Here are a number of items from our office relocation experts that your project manager should keep a close eye on. Planning an office move Creating a detailed plan and timeline for

5 must haves when moving parents into a new home

Being a caregiver of aging parents can be stressful to say the least. It seems for many, worrying becomes a way of life and managing that stress is critical. What can add to your caregiving responsibilities and overall stress is when it is time to relocate a parent into a new home. That could be a smaller apartment or even assisted living. We have handled a lot of senior moving in Greater Boston over the years. Here are some basic tips to help you get started with the process and get your parents to their new home with less stress.

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I need a local moving company. What should I ask?

Moving is a big decision and equally large undertaking. It doesn't matter if you're moving around the globe or down the street, You'll still need to go through some of the basic functions of moving to a new home. That includes planning, packing, cleaning and so much more. Because moving to a new home can be stressful for many, you want to know that you chose the right local moving company and, that you asked the right questions before proceeding. Here are a few questions from our local moving experts here in Greater Boston that they suggest you ask any

3 important factors when moving into a new home with kids

If you're moving to a new home with children, one of your first priorities is ensuring everyone is safe in that new house. For children, new surroundings can cause uncertainty and a little bit of anxiety. And while you most likely had safeguards in place in your former home, you need to pay particular attention to safety as you move into your new house. Here are three important items that should be at the top of your list when moving into a new home with children. Make sure you inspect all the locks in your new home Sure you got

What do the best international moving companies do right?

You've decided to work with an international moving company because you need to relocate for your job, or maybe you've decided on a new adventure with your family. Whatever your reason is, you'll want to work with international movers that understand the complexity of moving to another country. One of the first things you should look for on your international move is a moving company with a dedicated international division. There are many more parts to an international move than a local move so choose your international movers carefully. There are a few other important items that the best international