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Moving & Storage Tips

What does your move manager do for you?

Every project needs somebody in charge and here, that's your move manager. These professionals play an integral role in your move from beginning to end. Every aspect of your move will go through your move manager and they are your go-to person for all your questions, special requests as well as concerns. So why is your move manager an integral part of your move? Reducing the stress for you and your family While your move manager has many responsibilities and duties during the course of your move, they have one overarching goal. And that is to reduce the stress

Should I Move Myself or Hire a Professional Moving Company?

Those who have never moved before or people trying to save a little money may decide to take on the enormous task of packing and transporting all their items to a new location. It’s called moving…Moving can be an enormous task and sometimes people do not realize this until they are knee-deep in boxes and packing tape, renting trucks, and trying to find friends to help... Before you choose a DIY move, consider all the factors involved in the process and carefully consider why hiring a moving company may be the best decision you have ever made. As one

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What can I do if I can’t get the moving date I want?

There are times when you need to move and the date you have chosen is either not available or not feasible. You may be selling a home and purchasing a new house and the dates that your closing falls on are just not available in the moving company schedule. Or you may be relocating for a new job and need to be in another state on a certain day. There are many reasons why your chosen moving date can be altered. So what can you do? Here are a few tips from our moving experts here in Boston. Work with

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How to downsize your home with less stress

Are you ready for a simpler life? Tired of mowing that lawn every week or even shoveling the snow that comes with living in New England? Maybe you're tired of cleaning that four-bedroom house with multiple bathrooms. Whatever your reason, downsizing to a newer home that is more manageable, is a great choice for many. But downsizing can be stressful too. Leaving that big home with four-plus bedrooms and getting yourself into a smaller home or even a condo or apartment has become more and more widespread. You know what we always say; Moving is stressful. But when you “have

Map out your Interstate moving with these 5 tips

If you're moving to another state from Massachusetts, you want to make sure that you have a few things prepared in advance before getting in your car and driving to your new home. We have many customers that are moving from Boston to Florida and even Boston to Texas and the important thing we tell them is to be prepared. Here's some advice from our Interstate moving experts here in Boston. Map out your route in advance We know everybody pretty much has a GPS in their car at this point. And if you don't, you probably have one

What should I do with my pets on moving day?

Many people ask us what they should do with their pets on moving day to not only keep them safe but keep everybody else safe. It's a great question and there are a few answers. We all love our furry little friends and they are part of the family but caring for them on moving day is a must. Now, some of us have that big old lazy dog that just likes to sit in front of the fireplace and be happy. But others have pets that are always curious and going from one room to the next. How do

What our professional moving crews want you to know about serving you

Each and every day, with few exceptions, our professional movers are helping a customer journey to a new home. It could be around the corner, moving out of state or moving to Boston. And they meet new homeowners every day, get to know the family and pets, and quickly understand the role you have hired them to do. They get to know you including your wants and needs but did you ever wonder about what drives some of our professional movers to help you through what could be a stressful time? Our movers know what you're going through Our moving

4 stress-free tips to help you get packing for an upcoming move

Alright, it's time to move. Maybe you got a new job or a promotion, maybe you're downsizing or maybe you just decided you're moving to Florida from Boston. No matter why you're moving, there's one thing that absolutely needs to be done and needs to be planned. And that is packing for a move. But packing up your house doesn't just happen. We know you'd like that because many people don't like packing. But it goes without saying, it's a necessary part of moving. So what's the best way to get ready for packing up your home? Here are a

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Tips for making your next office move hassle free

If your organization has decided to move into new office space or other facilities, you want to make sure your entire moving process is buttoned up tightly with little room for error. Regardless of the size of your business, it is important that you are ready for every step of a corporate relocation. Our team has been handling corporate relocations in Boston for many years so here are a few tips from our office moving experts about how to conduct a stress-free move to a new location. Start planning your office move far in advance Like any move, you should

When you need to move with too much furniture

Some people may disagree but there comes a time when you actually may have too much furniture. And one of those times is when you're moving to a new home. Maybe you have decided to downsize, move to a condominium or your new home just doesn't accommodate the furniture you currently have. There comes a time when you need to take a look at whether you can bring your furniture with you. Here are a few tips from our moving professionals about what to do when you can't bring all your furniture with you. Take measurements in your new home