What You Need To Know About Boston Before You Move

With a population of around 675,000 people, Boston is nowhere near the size of New York City, Los Angeles or Chicago, but that’s part of its charm. City dwellers and suburbanites alike can find something to love about Boston and the surrounding areas, from stunning ocean views and beautiful fall foliage to the wide range of educational and career opportunities at your fingertips. Here are just a few things to keep in mind if you’re considering a move to “The Hub.” High Housing Prices Boston is a hugely popular city, and this is reflected in the housing prices. According

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Are You Ready To Weather The Next Big Storm?

Here at Humboldt Storage & Moving - you may think we just specialize in your typical residential and commercial moving. However, we also have an entire department of experts dedicated to emergency moving services. When it comes to emergencies in the home, having professionals by your side is one of the keys to easing the stress of unexpected disasters. Here are our tips to help you weather the next big storm. Food, Water and the Basics We all have seen the line at the store and the photos of the bread and milk shelves empty. It is because as humans we

Challenges of Moving to the Boston Area

Packing up your home’s belongings and moving to a brand new city is a thrilling experience to say the least. As with any other major life event, there are a number of ups and downs that go along with moving, especially when it’s to a major city like Boston. Here are some common challenges experienced by those who’ve relocated to this great city we call home and tips to help make the adjustment process as smooth and stress-free as possible. Navigating the City and Adjusting to New Cultural Norms Navigating Boston’s busy, winding streets and low-clearance bridges can prove

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How to Protect Your Home From Rain Damage

Heavy rain causes major damage to homes nationwide every year. How do you protect your home from rain damage? Our resident Emergency Moving Expert, Joe Geary, offers up the following tips on preventing water from coming in, preparing for a rain emergency, protecting your belongings, and what to do in case of damages. If you’ve ever had the experience of having water in your home then you know the stress and inconvenience it can cause. In fact, “inconvenience” is most likely an understatement. In most cases, heavy rain is the culprit when it comes to water invading your home and

When to Go Apartment Hunting in Boston

For many people, moving in any capacity is nothing but a pain. Renting moving trucks or finding a friend with a pickup, packing, guilting hesitant friends to sacrifice their weekend to help and ultimately hauling everything from one residence to another in a congested city are all universally dreaded but often necessary moving tasks. However, before breaking out the first box, potential movers have to plan their move, including when they intend to switch homes. Moving apartments in Boston can be a gamble with so many renters and so few rentals available. However, with proper timing, you can score

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How to Reserve A Parking Spot For Your Moving Truck in Boston

Moving in Boston? Here's how to reserve a parking spot for your moving truck on move day in Boston. Before You Apply A standard moving permit reserves two parking spaces for one day from 7 a.m.- 5 p.m. You can only apply online if your moving date is at least two weeks away, and no more than a month away. Otherwise, you must come in person at least three days before your move. Apply Online A one-day permit for a moving truck for two non-metered spaces costs $69 and includes two signs. One-day permits for two metered spaces cost

Don’t Move On An Empty Stomach

Just moved to Boston? Moving from one area of Boston to another? Because no one wants to cook dinner on move day and let's face it, you might be a little hangry ... check out our favorite places to dine in your new neighborhood.  Allston Deep Ellum = Located in Allston, Deep Ellum is a small, convivial gastropub with eclectic fare, a long craft beer list, classic cocktails & a patio. The name Deep Ellum refers to an area of Dallas known for its fabulous music, incomparable food and enticing nightlife since the early 1900's. The area has produced

Most Expensive Properties in Boston

As you can imagine, here at Humboldt we pay close attention to the happenings around moving and storage Boston. One of the most entertaining things to do is to watch the very top of the local real estate market to see what the premier properties are going for. To catch a glimpse of how the "other side" lives take a look at this great piece put out by our friends at the Boston Business Journal.

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