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Stress Free Self Storage Moves

If you are like most families, you have more “Stuff” than you think you have. Over time, we accumulate all kinds of household items, gifts, toys, clothing, furniture and the list goes on…We put these items where we think makes sense at the time, or, where we can find the room to get them out of our way. Or in some cases, maybe in the way. Because we are a moving company, we know a thing or two about “things and stuff.” And finding out just how much stuff you have is never more evident than when you move.

Stress Free Fall Moving

We love fall in New England. While we cherish our spring and summer here in this part of the county, there is no better time of the year to take in all the colors, flavors and sites that New England has to offer than autumn in the Northeast. As a moving company in Boston we can tell you that our crews love this time of the year. It’s not that hot and they can enjoy a little New England scenery while they work. And after a long day helping customers, maybe they can kick back and enjoy a pumpkin

4 Tips To Keep Your Summer Cookout Safe

There is nothing better than a Saturday on the deck with friends and plates of great smelling food all around to make a weekend complete. The only thing that’s makes these days better is to make sure everyone is safe. At Humboldt, we not only move families that might be moving because of a new job or maybe they are buying a larger home. We also work with families that have experienced a tragedy such as a house fire and need our help immediately. While the causes of these fire vary, in some cases, it can be from outdoor

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How To Restore Furniture After A Home Disaster

New Englanders see everything from rain, to wind, to snow, to enormous tides and the damage to go along with these conditions. We have had everything from entire homes knocked off their foundations to trees going through countless homes so far this year. When trees do invade your home, they can cause much more damage than just the house itself. That tree can cause substantial damage to what is in your home. And the same goes for water and fire. When your home experiences a flood or you have personal items dented, scratched or broken, the damages can add

April is Autism Awareness Month

As many know now, April is Autism Awareness Month. We believe the autism community has done a good job of creating awareness around autism including the challenges and the gifts associated with it. Many individuals with autism are contributing to our communities in ways we never imagined several years ago. However, for many living with autism, the challenges that come with an autism diagnosis can cause large amounts of stress on both the individual and the family. One of those challenges is the ability to welcome change. Many with autism are comfortable in their surroundings and have a routine they follow.

Where Should I Put My Furniture During Construction?

If you are like many homeowners, you most probably have more than enough furniture in your home. Where should it all go when you are embarking on a home improvement or restoration project such as replacing or refinishing your floors? Or even more extensive such as a full remodeling job? Here are a few tips for what to do with all that furniture during construction. Store Furniture Off Site The best way to make sure your furniture doesn’t get damaged during a remodeling job is to store it off site. Get it out of the home and into a safe

Tackling A Laboratory Relocation

While moving a family or even an entire office can prove to be a stressful experience, relocating a company that has an extreme specialty can be challenging to say the least. There are desks, chairs, and other company property that must be moved on time and protected, along with the technology a company uses including computers, phones, and other important, expensive equipment. To maximize productivity and minimize downtime, it all needs to get to the new location on time and intact, ready for a new beginning. Take a particular industry that is subject to specific laws, regulations and procedures,

How To Prepare For A Winter Home Emergency

One week the weather casters say we’ll have a winter full of snowstorms, and the next week, they all say it’s going to be a mild winter. The week after that, all snow, all the time. It seems that we never know what we’re in for when it comes to winters in New England. But one thing we do know as a moving company in Boston. We have to be prepared for anything. New England weather in the winter can throw just about anything at us. Snow, rain, sleet, sunny days and more. Throw in some of these factors

Holiday Home Safety Tips

From the children all the way up to us adults, we pretty much have one thing on our minds during the holiday season - having fun! However, taking just a little time to think about safety around the home can go a long way in preventing a whole host of unwanted circumstances. Here are our "Holiday Home Safety Tips" that will hopefully put you at ease during this time of year. Weather If you live in New England then you know that one day, it can be 60 degrees out and the next day you can have snow on

What Is Exclusive Use?

Whether a local move or a long distance relocation, understanding “moving jargon” or moving industry specific terms can be confusing and stressful. We asked the Humboldt Experts to break down some of the most commonly used terms so you can “relax and get moving”. What is exclusive use? Upon request and subject to availability, the customer may request and the carrier may provide an exclusive unit for shipment. This means no other client's goods will be loaded onto the truck for hauling. The customer will have exclusive use of the truck for the duration of their transit. Transportation charges

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