A New Beginning

As I was putting my six year old to bed last night she reminded me that today is the day.  She said to me “daddy tomorrow Obama becomes our 44th President” and right she is.  No matter what your race, religion or beliefs you have, today is very much a historic day.  I can’t imagine the […]

Winter Wonderland

New England is a wonderful region of the United States; we have our successful sports teams and our four wonderful seasons. The moving industry is one with high stress levels for all involved and Humboldt Storage and Moving is attempting to limit the stress on all involved. The high paced summer presents its challenges with the high demand. On the other […]

Laughter Reduces Stress

Our goal is to be #1 Boston mover through reducing the stress of our clients and they say laughter helps tremendously in stress management. So for your viewing pleasure… 

Stress in Time Management

           Managing a full time job and attending a graduate program simultaneously can be a daunting task.  This is the endeavor that I have embarked upon.  It is important to me that I give both facets of my life 100% and do not miss a beat.                     Over the past week my group and I have been working diligently […]

Two Guys that Get It!

So I was informed that United Van Lines was recognizing a Humboldtmoving crew with being the best crew of the month. This award is difficult to get as there are thousands of drivers in our system. The criteria for the award are customer service scores and the safety on the roads. At Humboldt we are proud to say we work […]

Stop Shopping for Utilities

  One of the worst parts about moving is that the norms in your life are interrupted. I recently moved and I have now been 14 days without cable. 14 days with out all that quality programing; no Lost, no football, no 24, no Dog Whisperer (a guilt pleasure of mine!). I don’t think most people realize […]

Flight 1126

Just recently we packed up the family for a vacation and a business trip for me.  The family consists of my wife (Illona) and three children (Hannah 6, Braydon 4, and Declan 2).  We left Boston on Nov. 1st to head to San Diego and then off to Palm Springs for themoving company convention before we would return to Boston […]

Driver Dave Teaches Kids

Everyone knows how stressful moving is. You have to worry about so many details: closing on 2 properties, dealing with a mortgage, finding a dependable moving company and the list goes on. At Humboldt, we have found that the most important things in life are sometimes never really thought about during the move, THE KIDS! The idea of moving to […]

A Moving Launch

We are heading into unchartered territory in launching this blog.  Not long ago, blogging was not even a thought in our communications strategy.  Today we realize this is where the action is if you want to talk to your customers directly and hear back from them. Humboldt was founded in 1905 and began operations as a […]

World’s First Moving Blog

Well, we have finally launched our blog. It’s crazy that in 2008, we might be the first moving company to have a blog. This fact alone speaks volumes about Humboldt. In an industry where technology is sometimes slow to penetrate (it’s not uncommon for a Boston moving company to still come out with a pen and paper when doing a survey) […]