Moving Your Plants

When you are relocating, one of the tougher decisions you may have to make is what to do with your plants. Although beautiful around the house, plants tend to be a very tough item to move long distances because of their sensitive nature. In addition, several states even have certification requirements for house plants in order to […]

Three Stringed Violin

Recently this story below was shared with me.  I have also passed this along to our Operations and Sales Associates here at Humboldt ourBoston moving company.  Life lessons certainly to be learned in how to handle possible stressful moments and more.  Enjoy! On November 18th, 1995, Itzhak Perlman, the violinist, came on stage to give a concert at Avery Fisher […]

Be Part of the Solution, Not the Problem

This weekend I had a cool opportunity.  A close friend of mine, knowing my interest in event planning and the experience I have gained atHumboldt Storage & Moving, asked me to participate in the coordination of her wedding weekend celebration.  I say “wedding weekend” because they rented out a whole resort in the Berkshires and called it […]

Honesty “Key to Success”

In any venture or partnership there is one cog that must remain consistent, honesty and integrity. One definition of honesty is “freedom from deceit and fraud.” The moving industry has garnered a bad reputation over the years for being a dishonest industry. This was brought on by illegitimate fly by the night men with a […]

A Special Place

I recently had the chance to visit the Clarke School East located in Canton less than one mile from our Boston Moving Company. The Clarke School is a special school, one that helps young children adapt to hearing loss and gives them the tools and confidence to enter into public and private schools with their hearing peers.  The […]

Crating Items During a Move

As a leading Boston moving company, we are often asked by clients how we will be protecting their delicate items…

All in the Line of Duty

So we were heading to a wedding reception last saturday night after leaving the church.  We got on a two lane divided highway where the speed limit is 50m.p.h. i believe.  Fo those that know the road Rte 1A in Revere, Mass. was where we were driving.  I was speeding along and we came to […]

Lessons Learned by a Travel-Addict.

I come from a family of people who love to travel, move around, enjoy the nuances and cultural differences found in a new place.  My brother (22) got back this week from a 3 month stint of living in Cairo, Egypt, where he studied Arabic, traveled and absorbed the culture.  He traveled all the way south to Aswan, and […]

Tips for Packing from the Professionals

Today Humboldt begins Vlogging… Join Barry Pomerleau, in charge of Quality Control at our Boston moving company for some useful tips when packing up your home.