Stress Reduction through Soccer

There are a wide variety of stressors in people’s lives today. It is how you handle these stressors that can have a positive or negative affect on ones life. In my day to day life I have a variety of stress at work and in my personal life that I handle with care. Overall I have one main stress reliever that […]

Partnering Makes All the Difference

Last night we hosted our Preferred Partners group at Humboldt.  We formed this group last fall and it consists of a group of top notch professionals who have worked with Humboldt directly or our clients.  The partners are people who can help our customers before, during and after the relocation process and take great pride in their […]

Tipping Etiquette

One common question that many people moving ask is: Do I need to tip the crew and, if so, how much? First and foremost, tipping is optional. I have heard of some small time boston movers tacking on as much as 20%  for a tip to the final charges, but any reputable moving company would frown upon that. But in moving, as with most other services, […]

It’s Simple Math: Economy=Stress

I would bet that if you set out to ask people all across the country what their major source of stress was right now, 50% or more would answer the economy. With the crumbling housing situation, a volatile stock market, the near failure of major industries (banking and auto), climbing unemployment and with no certain […]

Home for Sale

Purchasing a home is a stressful time. With all of the uncertainties that lie ahead, a buyer can become anxious. Then once the deal has become finalized it is time for the real fun to begin of moving. Whether you rent a truck and grab some friends and move or hirer a professional mover this is […]

A relaxING Experience

I think most everyone has had one of those experiences where you have to speak with a customer service representative on the phone and about half way through the conversation you realize that the person you are speaking with is not going to help you. I can’t count how many times I have been on […]

Reaping the Rewards (and loving it)!

At work I am fully invested in our brand, to reduce the stress of our customers and fellow co-workers.  I understand that being a Boston storage and moving company, brings with it a level of stress, both internally and for our customers who are actually shipping their goods, but most of the time, I am just focused on doing […]

A New Beginning

As I was putting my six year old to bed last night she reminded me that today is the day.  She said to me “daddy tomorrow Obama becomes our 44th President” and right she is.  No matter what your race, religion or beliefs you have, today is very much a historic day.  I can’t imagine the […]

Winter Wonderland

New England is a wonderful region of the United States; we have our successful sports teams and our four wonderful seasons. The moving industry is one with high stress levels for all involved and Humboldt Storage and Moving is attempting to limit the stress on all involved. The high paced summer presents its challenges with the high demand. On the other […]

Laughter Reduces Stress

Our goal is to be #1 Boston mover through reducing the stress of our clients and they say laughter helps tremendously in stress management. So for your viewing pleasure…