Happy Holidays From Humboldt

You’ve seen us write about it, talk about it and most of all, portray this in our brand; moving can be stressful.  Many occasions cause us stress and one major cause of stress is the holidays for many. Our entire team works all year long to help people feel at ease during the moving process […]

Mystery Shopper Program

Does your company live up to your customers’ expectations?  Does your company truly want to know how you are doing in meeting your goals?  These are questions we recently asked ourselves.  As a Boston moving company, we are committed to being the best in the industry.  So, we decided to take action and we have put […]

Quality Control Makes the Difference

I recently had a chance to catch up with Barry our quality control specialist. While on a job site for a senior relocation, we stopped to talk about the importance of quality control during the moving process and how vital the procedures both internal and external are to a stress-free move. There are many moving companies in […]

How to Prepare Financially for a Move

Dan Komm recently had a chance to talk with our president Jim Sullivan on how homeowners can prepare financially for a move. As the president of a Boston moving company and one that has over 15 years of experience in this business, he has some great insight into how to watch your money when you’re getting ready to […]

Controlling Quality….

As the Quality Control Supervisor for Humboldt Storage and Moving, I am faced with a very important mission. That mission is to visit as many of Humboldt’s jobs that I can every day to assure that we are providing the stress-free, quality moves that we promise all of our customers. During these random visits, I look around and ask myself […]

Its just a Game

As I sat on the couch this past Sunday and watch the Patriots, I was jubilated to watch our New England Patriots take another victory. After a week of talk from the Jets, I knew the Patriots would come fired up. Kick off was upon us and the Patriots received the ball. The first few […]

Climate Controlled Storage – What is it and do I need it?

The term climate controlled storage is thrown around very freely within the moving industry. To get a better idea of what true climate controlled storage is and how it should be use, I interviewed Jim Sullivan, president of the Boston moving company Humboldt Storage and Moving.

Humboldt Name Agent of the Month for UVL

That’s right, we recently found out that Humboldt has been namedUnited Van Lines Agent of the Month for May 2009. Click below to find out why Humboldt was selected for this award out of over 400 United moving companies nation-wide. Leave a Comment

Is exercise the key to less stress and more time?

With bathing suit season well underway, and a million things commanding our attention, finding time for exercise can be stressful and often falls to the bottom of the list.  But what if exercising was the key to having less stress and more time?  At Humboldt Storage & Moving, agent for United Van Lines and Boston moving company, we have done a […]