Just a Little Fun…

It’s important not to take yourself too seriously, in life or in business. For us, summer is a crazy season (we do 70% of our yearly business in just a few months). Here is an ode to the summer of 2010 and one of our favorite TV shows, The Office. Hopefully you can get a […]

How to Handle An Unexpected Move

No matter how you look at it, moving is a busy and stressful event. Having to plan an unexpected move due to foreclosure, divorce or death is simply overwhelming. Unplanned moves are typically centered around emotionally charged situations and can create an undue amount of distress for those directly involved. This Boston moving company has seen all […]

Move Yourself or Hire a Professional?

Those who have never moved before or those trying to save a little money may decide to take on the enormous task of packing and transporting all their items to a new location. Moving is an enormous task and sometimes people do not realize this until they are knee-deep in boxes and packing tape. Before […]

New Safe Driving Law

If you haven’t heard yet, there is a new Safe Driving Law, or No TWD (Text While Driving) Law in effect in Massachusetts as of September 30, 2010.  It is now illegal for anyone to text or use the internet on a cell phone while driving.  And for those drivers under 18, cell phone use is banned completely.  At Humboldt, our drivers, […]

Humboldt Named Finalist for Family Business Awards

We just learned that Humboldt has been named 1 of 5 finalists for the Family Business Awards this year. It’s a great honor to be recognized as a 3rd generation Boston moving company that has been helping people since 1905. You can read the article here:  http://www.bizjournals.com/boston/stories/2010/09/06/daily34.html For those of you who don’t know, Humboldt was started […]

Get your kids involved in the move

Moving can be a stressful experience and moving with children adds an entirely different dynamic to the process. I have been in the moving industry for many years and witnessed what can make an experience successful. I have seen great results when parents get their kids involved in the moving process. There are many moving companies […]

Moving with Small Children

Moving with babies and small children introduces a new dynamic into a typically, already stressful situation. Many with kids must work around daily routines (naps, lunch times, bed times, etc.) and keep familiar items around to create as little disturbance as possible while also juggling packing and other moving details. At Humboldt, we aim to […]

Finding a Reputable Moving Company

There are many moving companies in Boston but Humboldt’s years of experience as Boston’s oldest moving company have given us the expertise to help our customers “Relax and get moving.” Over the years we have seen what elements contribute to a successful move and we work with our customers every day to employ these methods and assist […]

“Move Over” Law

Being a Boston moving company that sends trucks out on the road every day, we were interested to hear about a traffic law recently put into place in Massachusetts in 2009.  The law is called the “Move Over” law and states that if a patrol car is pulled over to the side of the road, you have […]

Caturano and Co.. a big stress reliever!

Our Boston moving company presently uses the company Caturano and Co. to handle our IT needs.  Caturano recently released a promotion that highlights Humboldt as a company that uses their IT Outsourcing services.  We were honored that they thought of us for this opportunity.  They are helping get our name out into the community and will hopefully bring in […]