Holiday De-Stressing Tip #6

Re-focusing at work.  Are you spending too much time on 1 project?  Is your brain having trouble focusing?  Try taking a break every hour or so.  Get up, go say hi to a friend, get yourself a glass of water – just take a minute.  If you cannot leave your desk, try playing 1 round […]

Holiday De-Stressing Tip #5

  Similar to consuming lots of sugar and caffeine, the more stressed out you get, the less time you make for exercise.  The less active you become, the more stressed out you become.  If you can get your heart rate up, even for 10 minutes, you allow your brain to reset itself, and your stress […]

Holiday De-Stressing Tip #4

Here’s the catch-22: the more stressed you get, the more you crave caffeine and sugar. But the more caffeine and sugar you have in your system, the more stressed you get.  At some point in time, you’re probably going to give into the cravings.  And that’s okay – everyone deserves a treat once in a while.  […]

Holiday De-Stressing Tip #3

Did you know that both smiling and laughing help reduce stress?  Help maintain your stress level by finding something to laugh and smile about every day – you’ll be glad you did.

Holiday De-Stressing Tip #2

The holidays are a time to give, and many people put too much pressure on themselves to give and wind up so stressed out they end up doing nothing.  Why not this year find a family in need and get them some basics?  You can easily find a local shelter or contact your local school system  Humboldt already does something […]

Holiday De-Stressing Tip #1

  You never know where you’re going to be when you remember you need to do something.  The best way to remember is to write it down, right?  If you have a smart phone, this is a piece of cake.  For the rest of us, there is good old fashioned pen and paper.  It is […]

Thanksgiving Recipes

It’s the start of holiday season, so that means you are probably planning to be slaving away in the kitchen for days on end.  Well, maybe not.  Aim to make this year a stress-free cooking season.  I have compiled a few recipes that look really delicious and don’t take too much prep time or too […]


Last week (November 3) a group of us from Humboldt went on a tour of the NICU (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit) at Tufts Medical Center.  We met up with members from the March for Babies organization, as well as the head of the NICU, Dr. Davis, and Heather, the liaison between the hospital and March for Babies who focuses […]

No Animals Were Harmed in the Writing of this Post

I have been at Humboldt for 6 years now and the strange stories I hear never cease to amaze me. Before entering the business 6 years ago I never thought a Boston moving companywould see so many out of the ordinary things, though I guess moving is always a strange time in people’s lives. I’ve heard […]

The Efforts to Rescue the Chilean Miners Continues

The 33 miners trapped in the Chilean mine are in the process of being rescued, and long before anyone anticipated they would be.  It has been a beyond stressful 70 days for both the miners and their loved ones.  So far, so good– the 13ft capsule that takes the men on a winding 2041 ft […]