finding local events

It’s common knowledge that moving is a pain. Even when you’re finished packing and unpacking, it’s sometimes just the beginning of a more stressful process that includes settling in, going out and meeting new people. Getting to know the community can be a difficult task when you’re new to the neighborhood. Luckily, there are some easy ways to find local events that will help you discover the charm of your new neighborhood.

Consult the Internet

A cursory internet search can easily pinpoint your neighborhood’s best happy hour, favorite coffee shop, where and when to find your local farmer’s market or any other group get-together happening near you. You might also consult your friends’ list on social media to point you in the right direction. Even if you’re in a new city, you might be surprised how many of your existing, well-traveled friends will have a suggestion or two.

Go Where the People Are

If you’re looking for local events, try simply hanging out where people already congregate. Happy hours, the gym, sporting events and concerts are just a few examples of places where you could meet like-minded people that are often happy to share their neighborhood expertise with you.

Download Some New Apps

There’s a slew of apps out there designed specifically for meeting new people and bringing like-minded strangers together. Some of the more popular apps include:

  • PartyWith – Recently rebranded from “Party with a Local,” this is an app that pairs newcomers with a local and they, well, party.
  • Nextdoor – This app provides useful information about your neighborhood, like local events and activities, but also potential dangers like burglaries.
  • Eventbrite – This app might be for you if you’re just looking for local events. Simply register and search for events based your location and interests.
  • BoneAppetour – Ready for a home-cooked meal after you’re all moved in? Try BoneAppetour, which pairs people with a nearby “home restaurant,” where you’ll have a great chance to meet some new people and enjoy some local cuisine.
  • Time Out – This app provides suggestions for arts, entertainment and food and drink where you live, in addition to some helpful traveling tips and lists of the top attractions.

Join a Club or Organization

If you’re not interested in meeting people in cyberspace, think about an interest of yours or something you’ve always wanted to try and consider joining a club or organization where you can pursue it. Maybe it’s yoga or spin class, an art class, a hiking group or a cooking class. Whatever it may be, congregating with people who share an interest is an excellent way to discover local events and make some new friends in the process. Just remember to arrive early; people don’t often linger after a class is over and don’t prefer to chat during the class itself.

Be Neighborly

A tried-and-true method for getting comfortable in a new neighborhood is to simply get to know your new neighbors. Consider introducing yourself shortly after moving in and letting them know you’re new in town and would appreciate any tips on things to do around town. They’ll likely jump at the opportunity, especially if you bring a small gift.

Focus on Discovering Your New City

It can be stressful, but moving to a new city is an opportunity to meet new people and have some exciting and new adventures. Don’t let the pesky moving process keep you from planting your roots and enjoying your new neighborhood. Professional moving companies, such as Humboldt Storage and Moving, can help the process go swiftly and smoothly.

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