best cities for young professionals

Whether you’re a recent graduate or young adult looking to make a lifestyle change, finding the perfect place to live can be an exciting yet exhausting experience. For young professionals, your new city’s career opportunities are just as important as housing locations or nearby amenities. Fortunately, cities around the country are quickly becoming the perfect place for young adults to live and thrive!

Boston, Massachusetts

Surrounded by more than 100 colleges and universities, Boston is full of young graduates and professionals. With a median age of only 31, the city holds one of the youngest populations in the entire nation. The cost of living can be high but the median salary for young professionals is $57,100. Boston’s tech and healthcare industries are thriving, making it an attractive location for graduates looking to find careers in competitive markets.

Austin, Texas

Austin is one of the nation’s fastest growing cities, but still remains affordable for young professionals looking to start their careers. Home to tech companies and music venues alike, there are a wide variety of employment opportunities available. The Austin Independent Business Alliance aggressively promotes the city’s small business market with their “Keep Austin Weird” campaign.

The city is also one of the United States’ biggest cultural centers, known internationally as the live music capital of the world. Regular annual events ensure there’s always something going on in the city to keep you entertained.

San Francisco

With one of the highest median salaries in the country ($68,400), San Francisco is another hotspot for the tech industry. More than half the city’s population has some form of collegiate degree. The high density of restaurants and entertainment opportunities, combined with an expansive public transportation network, mean young adults can always find an exciting event or activity. The city also boasts a 2.9 percent unemployment rate and 2.3 percent projected job growth.

Denver, Colorado

Denver is the place to be for young adults looking to start their own business. Start-up restaurants and shops are particularly common, and nearly one third of the city’s job market is dominated by adults aged 19 to 34. The Mile-High City is also home to a wide range of microbreweries experimenting with new and unique hoppy concoctions. Green scenery and a close proximity to the mountains make Denver an excellent choice for more active adults, as well.

The city’s unemployment rate is a low 2.4 percent, with a projected 2 percent growth this year. Recent grads make a median salary of $52,800.

Seattle, Washington

Whenever you read a “best cities in the United States” list, it’s a safe bet Seattle will be somewhere near the top. A 3.2 percent unemployment rate and projected 2.7 percent job growth in 2017 make it an ideal location for recent college graduates looking to find a job. Microsoft and Amazon both have their headquarters in the surrounding area, making Seattle an important hub for the booming tech industry. According to Forbes, the median salary for young professionals was $58,500.

Seattle’s large graduate population makes it a hotspot of modern culture and trends. The Emerald City is a popular center for the performing arts, including opera and ballet, and is known for its music scene. Miles of bike paths also make it a popular location for cyclists!

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