Whether you have your current home on the market, or are just settling into your new place – avoid spending your holidays handling stressful Winter-related disasters with a bit of preventative maintenance.

Winter Home Moving

Indoor Prep – Start inside your home, where properly working equipment, maintaining heat, and preventing pipe bursts are of utmost importance.

  • Schedule annual maintenance checkups of your HVAC, heating system, fireplace, and chimney by licensed contractors.
  • If you use oil heat, check the fuel level and schedule fuel delivery early in the season. Monitor fuel level and usage throughout the season.
  • Set thermostat no lower than 55 degrees.
  • Open doors to unoccupied rooms to keep an even temperature throughout the home.
  • Inspect and add additional insulation in the attic to prevent heat loss and ice dams.
  • Check or install weather stripping around doors and windows to guard against drafts and heat loss.
  • Remove screens and install storm windows and doors.
  • Check for any leaking pipes or faucets. Insulate any pipes in unheated areas of the home.
  • Learn how to shut off your water and where all pipes are located in case of a water emergency, flood, or pipe burst. Test your sump pump.

Winter Home Emergency

Outdoor Prep – Once inside your home is prepped, move outside to prevent potential external disasters including leaks, falling limbs, and ice da